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Title: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: GOODNIGHTdestroyer on July 25, 2006, 05:57:03 pm

Yeah, I know it looks like my avatar, but I think i'm getting better?

Help me out folks.
Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: yosh64 on July 25, 2006, 07:29:30 pm

Looking impressive, keep going :). I would agree that you're getting better :). Anyhows that's it from me, hehe.

Actually I just realised that I think the perspective of the back of the head seems a bit off???, it's like it isn't pointing strait backwards. Hmm, unless the head is meant to be turned or something???, but I think such a thing would be odd todo :-\.

Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: Cure on July 26, 2006, 05:02:33 am
Personally, I'm glad it looks like your avatar, I love that style you have.  No major crits from me, his pinky finger deal looks a bit odd to me, but that's just me digging for something to crit.
Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: GOODNIGHTdestroyer on July 26, 2006, 12:39:03 pm
I don't get why I never get that many comments, I know this isn't that bad.

Yosh64: You're the second person to mention that about his head, I think I see what you mean, and I'll work on that for my next update.

Cure: Thanks for the compliments. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the hand/arm at that time, i'll probably mess around with it later.

Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: ter-o on July 26, 2006, 12:43:54 pm
Maybe because it's unfinished?

With the time you've spent clicking reload to see if anyone has replied, you could have finished this piece already.

But it's looking nice so far, now go and finish it!
Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: Pawige on July 26, 2006, 03:42:03 pm
The pants look rather weird, lots of little folds on a rather poofy looking pantleg. I would suggest either tightening them up on his legs, or make the folds a lot bigger. Also, something of the same pants color would be good somewhere else, to balance that lighter color out a bit, it stands out a lot.

I don't really like the way his skin has the same pattern as the metal, it looks a bit dull. What if you gave him a slick, shiny surface, or scales?

The highlights along two grooves in the chest pieces look very jaggedy, as does the entire belt.

The part of the armor that covers the stomach looks like it isn't centered on his chest, it's appears to be slanting slightly to his left side (our right).

The armor curving above the shoulder could use the brightest highlight color.

I like the big metal hand, but it's a bit confusing, just how many fingers are there? When I first saw it, it looked like a normal hand, but then I looked closer and it looks like what I thought was the little finger is actually coming out of the middle of the back on the hand.

Some strong cast shadows could also add a lot of depth to this, it can be hard to just wipe out some detail you were working on because it would actually be covered by a shadow, but it's sometimes just what it needs.

It seems like the light is coming from above, why is the top of his head so dark?

I like this overall though, eager to see where you take it.
Title: Re: WORK IN PROGRESS! New character?
Post by: Indigo on July 26, 2006, 05:46:25 pm
I'd have to dissagree with pawige about one thing - I kinda like the folds in the pants.  Its a very interesting style that i've seen done before, but only in CG and oil paintings. (who's the person that did the artwork for the Metal Gear electronic comic book? I think she has the same similar style)  My folds always tend to be large and thick - but i've actually learned a bit from this.  Everything else pawige said holds more water, but i really do like those pants.

Other things that bugged me:
The mouth doesn't look any different than the rest of the lines going down the head of the creature - making it confusing on whether or not it truly is his mouth.  I'd suggest lips maybe?  Maybe not - but you do need something to bring it out a tad more.

the only other thing that bugs me is the entire hand.  It looks very flat and amateuristic.  the small horn that is slightly overlapping the farthest back finger is creating an illusion that it is a finger itself.  In fact I thought it was untill i zoomed in a whole lot.  And since it looks like a finger, it is also screwing up our perception of the depth.  I'd suggest fixing that little horn and also pick a more dynamic pose for the hand - one that involves a bit more foreshortening.  It would help this piece alot.

oh, and i've been planning to comment on this for quite a while, but i've been driving for 12 hours+ because i have been in utah for 4 weeks and i needed to head back home to cali. so dont get too disscouraged that people didn't reply yet.  Their situations could have been similar to mine.  People are busy.

I am anxiousely awaiting this to be finished.