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Title: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: wolfenoctis on June 24, 2013, 10:11:14 am
Hi guys, this is what Iv'e got so far:

The plan is to have Smough (the fat man) shatter the pillar in front of him, which will create a dust cloud explosion with debris flying everywhere, and then have Ornstein ( Dude with red Plume) charging(more like gliding really) through the cloud at the player (little guy) who is dodge rolling away from the attack of Smough (as if he was hiding behind the pillar).

Berfore I attempt to do the dust cloud I would appreciate your crits/advice on what I have currently.
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: Decroded on June 24, 2013, 10:45:09 am
Oh man this is gonna be so awesome  :D

Loving the sprites so far.
Ornstein's legs are a bit too much though, he looks more like a ballerina than a fighter.
His ploom is a bit "liney" too, you should worry more about form than single pixel detail.

Regarding the tiles, you have a great structure to build on here.
Is this going to be something playable or just as an art piece?
Because this affects what you can do with lighting and such, and also the readability of that big club thats hidden behind the pillar.
As it is, the floor texture is too repetitive and noisy.
In shadow areas, let it get a bit darker again near where it meets the wall.

I don't know if its worth saying about all the outlines on the pillars if this is an early copy, but I hope you plan to deal with those too.
With things like highlights on your stairs, try to blend them along the top surface a bit.
Top of those dark blue floor tiles could be a bit lighter in general actually since I can barely see the dark lines

I think bricks in shadow could be covered with more of that shadow shade you have.
Try to use suggestive lines on the brick walls rather than so many obvious outlines.
And then just have the odd brick that is a different tint than the rest, some that are slightly sunken in/raised compared to the rest etc.

You need stronger AA on the estus flash and the base thing they sit on.
I hope you're planning to do something with the health bars, those black lines aren't doing you any favours.

*resisting the urge to edit*  :yell:
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: Cyangmou on June 24, 2013, 10:52:25 am

any references for the environment characters, hud, inventory?

Would help a lot =D
It's quite impressive so far, however I feel that with more work on details you can achieve something really great.

Edit: Would be great to have the layers too, makes it easier to edit stuff, if you can provide the environment, the characters and the hud as single pieces.
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: wolfenoctis on June 24, 2013, 11:54:53 am
Separated the main sprites and assets for you





Hp Bars:


Equipped Item slots:


Ornstein & Smough in game:

Ornstein Concept art:

Smough Concept art:

In game hud:

@ Decroded: It's just an art piece
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: wolfenoctis on August 03, 2013, 02:03:39 pm
Made a quick edit...
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: Crow on August 03, 2013, 03:07:01 pm
Well, what can I say. This isn't even a demake anymore ;D Not a bad thing, however. A few nitpicks: Smough's hammer is too large. He is a buff guy, but I doubt even he could swing a hammer that huge. Some of the broken pillar pieces look off, somehow. May be the shading, or possibly also the shading style? Most other things are rendered very sharply, most pillar pieces are not. I suppose the player is rolling/starting a roll? That looks.. very awkward, to be honest. The sword icon in the HUD should be a bit more centered, don't you think?

Other than that, I love it. I stumbled upon this thread again recently and remembered that cyangmou asked me to cap some screens of the fight, but I totally forgot about it. Do you need any? Doesn't really look like it, to be honest :D
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: wolfenoctis on August 03, 2013, 04:05:24 pm
Yeah, this is actually a collab between me and Cyangmou, he contacted me shortly after I posted my first mockup and asked if we could do a collab. Took us another month to finish the thing, but I'm grateful because I learned a lot since then, thanks to Cyangmou. He's a really great artist and we had a lot of fun doing it. For interest's sake, here is a wip of smough and a full view of the pillar and arch, the two elements that took the longest to make/get right:

@Crow: I would agree with you on the hammer, but:
I think ours is actually smaller than the original   :ouch:

I also centered the sword on the hud, but I'm afraid the other flaws will have to remain until my next piece  :D
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: tim on August 05, 2013, 02:57:37 am
It looks promising.
The reflections under the boss look totally off by the way,
it follows the ground perspective as if it was a shadow (whereas
it should be a vertically mirrored image with a few tweaks).
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: Cyangmou on August 05, 2013, 07:11:36 am
tim, you let it sound like all reflections are just always vertically mirrored.
I highly doubt that a vertical mirrored image would work for a reflexion of a complex thing like this sprite aligned at the iso axis.
The mirroring usually is a z inverted image and as shown here it reveals some parts you won't see.

The "mirroring" trick works well for mirrorings of far away objects like mountains or simple shape which aren't affected a lot by perspective - or easier to say where the mirroing axis aligns with the horizont.
THis simplification however won't work for this.

You should illustrate your point of view with an edit.
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: tim on August 06, 2013, 03:37:51 pm
Ok, this is far from perfect, but it should give you a hint :

Before / After :

Steps :

The main point of mirroring, is that it forces you to respect the vertical alignment of the main object and its reflection. I'm not sure if I'm really clear, if you need more explanations, I can maybe make a few images to explain what should be happening.
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: jams0988 on August 06, 2013, 07:08:51 pm
Just saw you guys on Kotaku. Good job! =)
Title: Re: Dark Souls Demake [WIP]
Post by: wolfenoctis on August 07, 2013, 05:57:26 pm
Thank you jams, we are also on reddit: