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Title: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Gorkil on January 21, 2013, 10:38:57 pm
Hey, Im new to pixelarting.
I did a few tutorials but I just can't seem to get everything right, so I decided to focus on more simplistic pixelart.
Im trying to achieve the style used in the game sword & sworcery, If you dont know what I mean by that, here is their website: http://www.swordandsworcery.com/ (http://www.swordandsworcery.com/)

So far I have gotten from (http://i.imgur.com/1VWpHOZ.png) to (http://i.imgur.com/oGNIeB3.png)
I think that quite some progress already, I used http://artfiles.alphacoders.com/422/42294.jpg (http://artfiles.alphacoders.com/422/42294.jpg) as a reference to the character.
I know my shading isnt right, but someone on reddit said shading would make it look better, so I just added some darker colours to it.

but since I want this character to walk I need to have some sort of movement animation.
But the best I have done is (http://i.imgur.com/QLLa2PN.png) but it just doesnt feel right and looks a bit funny.

so what are your opinions about this? and how do you think I can improve?
Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Gorkil on January 22, 2013, 11:22:54 pm
Ok wow, now I look back at those sprites I just find them really ugly.
Also the character I chose to recreate was a bit too complicated to transform in simple pixelart.

So that's when I decided I should make something iconic.
Here it is:
I think it looks a lot better than my earlier sprites, and I also realized that the characters are facing you in an angle, so a walking animation would be impossible.
What do you think would be the best body type for this character?
And how can I make their clothes feel less flat?
EDIT: thanks to feedback and an example on reddit I now have really made some progress on my first guy:
Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Applzor on January 24, 2013, 01:00:14 am
good to see you're still going at it, your first guy looks much better now. might I suggest that you pull his hat down a bit to make it more pointed?
Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Joe on January 24, 2013, 06:28:04 am
Welcome to Pixelation  :)

Hmm you say you decided to focus more on simplistic pixelart because you can't seem to get everything right.  Ironically, in pixel art very simplistic representation is usually much more difficult due to the extra challenge of making everything readable!  But I would also add that the direction you're taking now is probably best because at some point or another you'll have to master the use of clusters(if you don't know what I'm talking about read here (http://www.pixel.schlet.net/)).

In regards to what you have now, sword and sorcery has a very simple style.  And this dude is really complex.  So that's quite the challenge you've given yourself.  Ultimately, there's either gonna be a compression of information, or you're gonna have to deviate from s&s style.  But I'd say your latest version looks much better.

Here's my pathetic attempt.  I wasn't very successful, but I figured you might get something out of it anyway:

Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Gorkil on January 24, 2013, 09:12:14 pm
Hi, thanks for the feedback you both.
I changed the beak on his helmet just like Applzor said and Joe did, and I think it actually looks a lot better now. I also extended the legs a bit and added a bit of a curve at the bottom.
Im trying to make a sideview too now, because his current pose isnt really ideal for a walking/running animation I think.
EDIT: I tried to make a running animation, but he moves a bit robotic.
(http://imgur.com/mVyp5o5) (http://i.imgur.com/Y9DjeaL.gif)
Here is the strip if anyone is interested: http://imgur.com/1YH4L2i (when I use the img tags on it, it shows up as an icon)
Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Gorkil on January 29, 2013, 10:18:32 pm
I decided to change the theme of the game to the North-American wildlife.
As you can see, I kept the original body shape and the animal helmets.
If anyone sees something that can be improved: colours/snowtiles/everything else, please give me some C+C.
Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Seiseki on January 30, 2013, 02:06:25 am
I think you need a lot more contrast, both in saturation and brightness.
Right now the heads and bodies kinda blend together, the eagle being an exception where the contrast between head and body is quite good.

The first sprite has much better contrast and you can easily tell the different parts apart, even if it's kinda hard to tell what those parts are.
And by that I mean the readability could use some more work. Try to keep it simple and clean.

Title: Re: [WIP] sidescroller sprite [C+C]
Post by: Steneslore on January 31, 2013, 12:43:43 pm
Your stuff is very good man. I like your plague doctor figures. The running animation is good, I can't criticise much but we can't see his arm when it passes over his body so maybe make it bolder.