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Title: Men
Post by: Retro on June 18, 2006, 09:20:57 am

I spoke to David last night who had a go at editting my first pixel art. It looked so much better. I looked at the structure and started to try to get a cool similarity going, I think I did okay.
I have too many stages but here ya go :P

(http://retro.liquidfox.net/pixel/man1.gif) (http://retro.liquidfox.net/pixel/man2.gif) (http://retro.liquidfox.net/pixel/man3.gif) (http://retro.liquidfox.net/pixel/man4.gif) (http://retro.liquidfox.net/pixel/man6.gif)

What do you think? I've only been piceling for a few days now, getting better? Here ws my first attempt:


See ya'll!
Title: Re: Men
Post by: Turbo on June 28, 2006, 10:58:27 pm
Yep, David's help made it improve greatly, regarding shape and color choices, specially contrast wise, which was the biggest problem in your initial version (that, and the brightness was too low).
The left leg looks longer than the right one, i'd make the pants extend a pixel down, stealing a pixel from his shoe, and remove the space between his legs that's making the left leg look slimmer. Maybe add a bit more saturation on the skin, not too much, just a tad more orange, and a bit more contrast to the head.

Welcome, and keep'em coming!
Title: Re: Men
Post by: AlexHW on June 29, 2006, 06:20:08 am
looks like an improvement from the first one, perhaps could use more detailing, at the moment it is bland. You could maybe use a highlight for a nose and ear and such to give more detail.