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Title: SickMafia presents...Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness
Post by: RisK on July 17, 2012, 06:26:17 am
PDoD, Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness is quickly becoming the worlds best (free to play) Pokémon MMORPG available. We have frequent updates and a community growing quicker by the day. Currently we have a completely custom game region, not based upon any content you've seen before brought to you in our own style.

Our Game Engine has been written completely from scratch, and as such allows us as much freedom as we want with further improving the game to make it even more fun. We hope to have 5 regions in total, each filled with interactive NPCs, quests, mini-games, Gyms and other activities.  This is a lot of work to get done, and as much as our rate of progress needs to be seen to be believed we would still like to improve! This is where this topic comes in to play, we are trying to find as many talented individuals as possible to aid us in our existing team's quest to become and remain the best PokeMMO available on the web.

While our main recruitment focus is currently for Web Developers, Mappers, Artists, Musicians & Quest Writers - if you have a talent you think could be of use, we would love to hear from you. You will be joining an established team of almost 30 dedicated members already. Even if you would just like to help by downloading and testing the game, reporting the errors you find along the way you are welcome to join our community and promise you will enjoy your stay. Please Note: We are not looking for additional programmers.

Currently the Game Engine supports the following:

 - A Stable & Secure Game Server, with 99.9% uptime based on the last 12 months worth of statistics
 - Selectable Player Avatars
 - Hundreds of NPC Sprites
 - Over 100 in game items, including TMs, various Pokeballs, Potions, Status Cures and others.
 - Over 300 in game maps, even every single house in PDoD is unique
 - Pokémon up to Gen 4 included, current spawns allow for Pokedex competion of roughly (320/493)
 - Nicknamers, Move Tutors, Shops
 - To add a little icing to the cake, the project is updated all the time!

Thank you for taking the time to read our topic, please visit www.pokemondod.com and visit our Forums to download the Game and also to contact our Game Staff regarding any positions you are interested in. I have decided to go in to further details about the positions available below for anyone which is interested.

Web Development (2)
Currently we are looking for two users capabale of using PHP,MYSQL, HTML, CSS and JS fluently. Most areas of the Website's development aren't overly complex, but as time progresses we would like to build upon our designs. Please send sickbailey on the PDoD forums a PM with as much information about your skills and previous works as possible

For a Graphics Team position, please create a Showcase topic showing your skills in the Graphics Section of the Forums.

Pixel Artists (5)
We would like to bring about Customisable Player Avatars, as well as a lot of new Tilesets. We need users talented in Pixel Art to be able to accomplish this

Digital Artists (2)
This would be for artists capable of rendering things like background images, interface work, website artwork and other styles of art too.

To join the Mapping Team, create a showcase of your talents by submitting maps created using our own Map Editor in the Mapping Section of the Forums.

General Mappers (3)
Users which are comfortable creating all styles of maps, not limited to but including Caves, Towns, Routes, Forests. We have our own PDoD Map Editor which can be found in the Mapping Section of our Forums, as well as many Tutorials available to help get you kick started too.

Interior Specialist (1)
This is for a user which prefers to work on smaller , more compact maps. Interior Maps generally range from 15x15 to 30x30 in size so can seem a lot less daunting than some of the larger maps available.

To apply for a Musician position, please create a showcase topic in the Music section of the Forums showcasing your talents.

Music Producers (3)
We would like for all Music used in PDoD to be completely custom, so the more choice we have available the better. This goes for battle music too

Sound Effect Producers (2)
In any kind of game world there is a huge amount of different ways you can interact with it, and to be properly immersed sound effects can really help! We would like help to create all of the various sound effects a user could experience while playing to help bring the game more to life

NPC Scripters (3)
PDoD has it's own scripting language, it's been designed with efficiency and easy of use at the core. This means anyone with any kind of basic scripting, programming or even web development experience would be able to pick the language up extremely easily. These users are what bring our NPC's to life, making them able to behave differently based on in game events & achievements or starting a fierce duel. The NPC Scripting Team also have the task of turning the Quest Writers work in to real in-game Quests.

Quest Writers (*)
We would like the PDoD Game World to be as rich in backstory and history as possible, so we need talented writers to help us achieve this. Adding Quests to the game is currently a large focus of ours, and we would like to produce as many in depth and intriguing storyline's as possible. What ever your writing style, if you can keep things entertaining and fun we think you can contribute. There is no number in the brackets above, because we would love nothing more than an abundance of new quest ideas to create
Title: Re: SickMafia presents...Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness
Post by: Redshrike on July 17, 2012, 06:34:56 am
Doesn't Nintendo have a history of shutting down fan pokemon mmorpgs?  I mean, that seems like an oddly specific thing to have a history of doing, but I know they've done it at least once, and maybe more than once.  It feels like it would be a real letdown to put a lot of work and love into a project only to see it shut down.
Title: Re: SickMafia presents...Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness
Post by: RisK on July 17, 2012, 07:02:19 am
Hello Redshrike, You have raised a very valid point and one of the biggest concerns our game has. Currently we are striving to make everything implemented custom made, This ranges but is not limited to custom maps, custom music, custom sprites, and hopefully custom tiles very shortly. We also stray away from the latest handheld games, and the meta-game features. Our game includes up to 4th gen pokemon running on gen 3 movesets, and will not likely change until nintendo has released several new official games.We currently run the game in a non-profit manner, meaning we dont recieve any monetary gain for our work, to avoid any major copyright infringement and C&D order from Nintendo.
Title: Re: SickMafia presents...Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness
Post by: Redshrike on July 17, 2012, 01:52:04 pm
Unfortunately, none of those things prevent you from being shut down.  You're still infringing on both their copyright and trademark, and they can still c&d you just the same.  All it takes is for them to notice you.  Honestly, the only way to be safe would be to make it not a pokemon game, which is probably not much of an option anyway.
Title: Re: SickMafia presents...Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness
Post by: Elk on July 17, 2012, 03:25:13 pm
SickBaley is a very nice person and he works eagerly, although I could point out a few deficits among the existing team he currently has which prevented me from deciding to help him develop on his game!

Success is most likely guaranteed (courtstuff not included)

I played PDoD myself for some time and it has potential, even though its main aspects currently lie in PvP and Trading.

Looking forward to this being finalized and optimized :)

Best regards,