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Title: pixel art restriction, Sub pixel/offset pixel
Post by: Grimsane on July 10, 2012, 07:53:14 pm
figured I'd post this here for anyone interested, not sure if anything like this has been done before, essentially it's a pixel image with a layer that is strictly the same pixel ratio but offset by half a pixel, which is why it is kinda sub pixel, it must be pixel'd at 2x because obviously the sub pixels are not placeable otherwise, conceivably this could also be done with wide pixels and tall pixels, I'll try making some templates for them too when I have time, the best workflow is to pixel something at 1x then double, and to pixel between every pixel, or skip them if the sub pixels location is undesirable, and of course optionally using the template as a guide.

here is an example to illustrate the potential effect, and breaking it down in isolation on the right side


and here is a 128x template of the pattern


feel free to dump any relating experiments/results using this restriction in this topic.

and is there a pixel art restriction thread? non system related specs ie. art restrictions? if there isn't I might consider starting and compiling such a thread