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Title: Death animation
Post by: Grundy on July 09, 2012, 02:06:59 am
So im still working on my gallery shooter type game.

At the moment i am wrapped up in death animations.
There are 3 main enemies in the game and we are still not happy with the way they fall down.
Any advice on how to make their demise look better? It's gotta be superdope and i'm not much of an animator myself.




Just fire away. It has to improve.
Title: Re: Death animation
Post by: hopoo on July 09, 2012, 07:15:21 am
Some things on your big guy:

-He seems to hit the ground, bounce up, he reaches his peak, THEN his legs kick up. If anything the last 2 motions should be at once

-Seems pretty heavy to be bouncing around like that!

-The most important thing about animation is that motion starts out slow, speeds up, then slows down again. || |    |           |           |    |  || if that makes sense? For example, when he falls over, he should start out slowly leaning back, then speed up as he falls over because of momentum

-Sometimes less is more; you don't need to draw out every frame in his fall. Cut some out and itll appear faster! Also subtle bouncing/sliding can go a long way.

In my edit all i pretty much did is move a few pixels around and cut out frames. Your key frames were well drawn, just some timing issues which are easily fixed  :crazy:. For such a big guy, it might be  fun to have dust/sparks/etc fly out when he lands, but its important to have the initial frames done before that! Also.. the rocket launcher, when hes down on the ground, seems to be about 2 inches thick. Is that intentional?

Title: Re: Death animation
Post by: Grundy on July 09, 2012, 10:59:04 am
Thanks for taking an effort in helping me out! You edit does make more sense.

The bounce is indeed way heavy for such a big character. I think i was just too close to it to realize how off it was.
The disappearing weapon is part lazy, part practical. I thought it would be nice to have a hi-tech weapon that folds itself open when held but it kinda looks silly. Seems like i gotta take some extra steps and just drop it on the floor in full size.