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Title: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Sokota on June 26, 2012, 02:07:13 am
So this is a bit of my messy workflow, but I have an idea going for a 1950's cyberpunk/dystopian universe. I have finished this detective guy as well as a flying cop car. I am looking for some C&C on the sprites as well as some guidance in the use of the 3/4 view, mostly because other platformers I have created sprites for in the past have all been completely profile. I'm trying to break out of that mold and incorporate much more depth and space to my sprites with this fun idea. The character is standing in 3/4, but his vehicle is profile. Does this seem to work okay? I liked the car how it is but like I said, I'm trying to expand my horizons, and I tried creating 3/4 view of the car...Dunno if it's working or not. I love how it has so much more pop to it. I just need some pointers. Any C&C is welcome. Please be as harsh as possible. Thanks!

Detective                        1950's Flying Patrol Car

I know there is some glaring banding on the character's arm...not sure how to fix it.

Edit: Updated before anyone replied. Crits on the new stuff please! Thanks!
Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Grimsane on June 27, 2012, 12:38:21 am
interesting very Noir, especially with the subdued palette, the arm shouldn't be too hard


went overboard and pushed the character around seeing what could be done, my only crit banding aside is the fedora doesn't read very well at the moment suggested solutions in the edit, and that the legs look a tad too thin for my personal tastes compared to the general aesthetic you have going, not so bad in the progress but you've brought it into a straight thin leg, which if that's what you're going for then ignore my suggestion, are you going to render the car with depth like you've established in the line art, at glance I think it looks much better than explicit side on.

eh that last one was too rushed and looked horrible, felt to shameful not to point it out and attempt to fix, I'll leave it there as a what-not-to-do

Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Sokota on June 27, 2012, 03:51:51 am
Yeah I'm definitely trying to go very noir with these sprites. Thanks for the arm advice and edits, I do like the legs on the middle one, but just for stylistic reasons I'll probably keep them fairly skinny. Haha, your edits almost remind me of Rorschach. And here is my attempt to render the car with some perspective. I'm pretty happy with it up to the front door, but the front end is too boxy and I'm not sure how to adjust it. I'll keep playing around but yeah, it's getting there. Also, I didn't use any hue shifting on it, just used flat shades of gray. I'm trying to figure out how to make something appear black without actually shading using black...

Car update: In one I shortened the front end by a good 3-4 pixels and the other has some quickly sketched stuff behind the windows. Please tell me what you think of both.

Once again, thanks Grimsane for the feedback! I'm working on this stuff, I'll have more new stuff later, just trying to get these two nailed. Haven't retouched the detective yet.

Also, here is my reference for the car. 1955 Chevy Patrol Car.
http://lostontheshore.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/09/29/800px1955_chevrolet_police_car.jpg (http://lostontheshore.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/09/29/800px1955_chevrolet_police_car.jpg)
Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Grimsane on June 27, 2012, 05:36:01 am
no prob, and looking at my edits now the face doesn't really work I was trying to think of the logical amount of shadow from the hat brim, but it just looks daft the way I did it heh, I think having either what you have or just slightly darker skin tones than what you establish as his overall skin tone with the hands


couldn't help myself, couple more ideas.

and yeah the 'boxy' problem comes from the fact that in your straight-on car and the reference image, the front of the body above the wheel arch near the hood/bonnet is curved slightly into the headlight and in your perspective attempt it slopes downward and doesn't arc above the headlight if you get what I mean. subtle maybe but I think your profile view with the line being one pixel above the headlight works. be interesting to see how you approach the futuristic cyberpunk urban environment/tileset graphics.

Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: pistachio on June 27, 2012, 05:36:51 am
Good start... I've been getting pretty late with these edits though.

Here's the detective. Bit unimpressive, I understand.


Again, depth. This might be a bit hard to see, but parts of the sprite get darker the farther they get from the viewer. In this instance there's also a secondary light, moonlight maybe? It's all a bit dark and best viewed at 2x.

The brightest cluster is reserved for the face, drawing attention there, while other areas are kept darker and less saturated. The edit became more reliant on harder lighting and major shapes/tones (face as an example), while less reliant on gradient-like shading and details through outlines. For film noir (which Grimsane mentioned) this kind of harsh dramatic lighting is pretty much key (http://goo.gl/hW1FG). The addition of cyberpunk elements along with that direction could prove interesting.

By the way, have you considered putting this stuff in a rough mockup or brainstorming ideas for setting styles? Could turn this into a full game-like scene with an interesting art style in the end, so I think you should go through with it.


Funny, there's another shady looking dude with a jacket and fedora in these boards...I should check that one out too.
Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Sokota on June 27, 2012, 11:40:37 pm
So after 45 minutes of shifting pixels around, I finally got the car to this (bottom right). I guess it looks okay, it's not nearly as boxy, but I'm still not really satisfied with it; just don't know what to do to fix it though. The straight line below the far headlight, the straight lines of the hood, as well as the bumper are all bothering me. It's getting there though. Any ideas?

@Grimsane: Thanks for the edits man, it's helpful to see what other people would do.

@pistachio: "Bit unimpressive", ha. And here I thought I was on to something; you just blew that out of the water. Awesome take on it, I'll see what I can do. (I do plan on using black outlines though, but we'll see). Interesting use of key/fill light as well. Makes your character pop way more. I have work to do, lol.
Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Lachie Dazdarian on June 27, 2012, 11:43:32 pm
Love the latest edits.

BTW, are you a Croat? Your nick...
Title: Re: 1950's Cyberpunk Platformer Project [update]
Post by: Sokota on July 04, 2012, 02:20:41 am
Okay so I fiddled with the fedora a little bit (it looks more like pistachio's edit, but the lighting contradicts the patrol car atm), haven't had the time to redefine the detective. However, I'm almost satisfied with the patrol car (top left is the most recent), but any suggestions or cnc would be great. I'm gonna move on to some other elements though; As far as tiles are concerned...I'm still debating the best way to handle the tiles since I have a weird perspective going on. Any suggestions or ideas for that? Thanks so much! I'm really trying to make these sprites very solid.


Edit: @Lachie: I'm not a Croat, I'm an American. Sorry to disappoint ;)