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Title: icons for jormungand
Post by: Ai on August 21, 2005, 05:36:53 pm

Ever done a doubleheight-pixel pic? I've done a few before.. You could get a 640x200 mode (mode 2) on CPC, though it was monochrome.. EGA had a 640x350x16colors mode, and you could tweak the VGA to get 640x350x256colors
(X-Men did it). I think you could also get a few variants of the mode on Amiga.

Anyway, if you want something else odd to try..


my effort at improving my usage of doubleheight pixels. The facial expression was the hardest to get right -- it was difficult even showing that it was a face! It was done restricted to the non-AGA Amiga 'master-palette', which is 16*** RGB - I found i couldn't meaningfully add any more colors after the count reached 114, so that is the colorcount ( I was trying to add as many as I could).

Edit: Thanks Helm!
I hope the board will let me post in future :)

 And to the main subject!


These Icons are for  my Jormungand project, which is a port of the OHRRPGCE RPG construction engine to Python.More Info Here (http://gilgamesh.dnsalias.org:8080/wiki/ohrrpgce/index.php/Jormungand)

these icons are in order,

Fire Water Wind Earth Lightning Poison Light Dark

Maptiles Walkabout-GFX Hero EnemyS EnemyM EnemyL Attack Weapon

Strong-vs Weak-vs Absorbs Move-type Move-speed Textbox Activation Background-gfx

Picture* Palette Item Add-item Pushability Activation-type** Scale

Vehicle Map Identity*** Infinity Can't-drop Bitsets Doorlink Door

Wallmap Alt-Wallmap blank blank blank blank blank blank

HP MP** Strength Accuracy Defense Dodge Magic-power Will

Speed Counterattack-rate Focus** Extra-attacks blank blank blank blank

*maybe should be an eye?
** This is vague.
*** Or Name.

Crits on any of them would be great, but especially the ones i think are currently vague!
They are marked **.
The set is not complete either - I need an icon for every visibly-accessible idea in OHRRPGCE. I have ideas on what to do for these, if you know the engine you might have better ideas, tell me in that case too!
Title: Re: icons for jormungand
Post by: Helm on August 21, 2005, 05:50:15 pm
Splitted new art to new thread. Hope this helps, neota.
Title: Re: icons for jormungand
Post by: Ai on August 21, 2005, 06:53:38 pm
Also, this goes in here because it should go somewhere here:

Personally, I like a palette like this (27 colors 'smart' HSV colorcube)
(pic pre-scaled so you can actually see it :)

I originally thought of the above in relation to the idea of a good hybrid CPC/C64 palette that arose in my mind.

It is quite remarkably difficult typing in a  text box where the background is dark purple and the writing is black! Seems to be true for all SMF forums, this coloration, too. Not apparent in other kinds of forum.

The buttons are black on dkpurple too, which is why i hit 'spellcheck' instead of 'preview'  when originally trying to post this.

Since that brought up an empty window, I suspect it might have caused the boards hallucination that I had already posted my message.