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Title: Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
Post by: TheMonsterAtlas on May 18, 2012, 11:50:06 pm
The game is still currently under development and a lot of things story wise are not settled yet. Basically you'll be playing in a 2D version of Hell. But Hell is a much nicer place than what you would think it were. The king of Hell, Mr. Bossman and his wife Mrs. Bossman allow for comedic relief as you spend your time trying to figure out exactly how you died by journeying to different portions and biomes of Hell. Completing quests and killing hell demons as well as gate keepers in order to retrieve bits of your memory.

As I said, the game is going to be in 2D and, hopefully, bought through Steam, All graphics shown are not final but are close to what they will be like in game. You will be able to customize your characters with various items in the game to help you along on your journey. (These are still begin designed)

Character Skins:

Graphic User Interface:

QUICK QUESTION Should I stick with an unsaturated and darker tone for the world, or go with a saturated world that will be ironic to the main story but compliment the humor aspects of the game?
Title: Re: Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
Post by: TheMonsterAtlas on May 24, 2012, 04:46:30 am
Very Pre-pre-Alpha MockUp


I'm going to be darkening the outline of the skeletons. Sometimes they blend in with the tilesets too well ;~;

Also I know the Grass and Tiles don't tile well, they are currently smaller versions of what I plan to use and should shatter the "repetitive tile syndrome."

This is just testing the tile parameters of BYOND's system, not to be taken as a serious mockup.
Title: Re: Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
Post by: Daimoth on May 24, 2012, 11:47:27 pm
I like the premise and look of his game. I'm a sucker for anything a little morbid.

I think the person in charge of the title's development should make this decision.

Personally, I'd like to see scary elements in there. There are so few horror games out there.
Title: Re: Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
Post by: TheMonsterAtlas on May 25, 2012, 01:51:05 am
X3 I am in charge of the title's development.

As well as the coding
musical compositions
sound effects
world design
art direction
Title: Re: Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
Post by: Grimsane on May 25, 2012, 02:11:34 am
should probably try make some of your graphics more horrific, the pastel tones themselves don't scream horror, so it might be a good idea to try pushing the horrific nature of the sprites a bit more ;D

and i think that cluster of noise/detail in the middle of your concrete tile is slightly too concentrated, and if you are going to use random subsets of tiles, or take the time to hand place various variations of the same tiles yourself, I'd recommend trying to do atleast 3 types of tile, especially for something so repetitive, even if one is sunken, and another rather cracked just to break it up a bit, if you get a random subset style tile system in then you could put quite a few variants in for good measure.

I think your 2nd skeletal "Character skin" colour scheme has the most appeal and contrast if you plan on having that style of BG, the tiles themselves are reasonably appealing, I'll be interested to see how it looks once you've got more of your tileset done.

also I think the ECG style health indicator is good, but can't help but feel the UI element is a bit too rounded and plain, I tried some little experiments to show you what I'd encourage, try to push horror, or if you choose minimal then try to stay consistent with the shapes ie universally square or consistently a blend of them, one element square and another rounded can look a little jarring.

and i think you should try a more definite style on the character, at the moment he looks fairly lite in the 'style' department. and a shadow will also help separate him from the BG and make him stand out more.

suggestion/what I'd do:

oh shite forgot I did this quickly before too, just added a brighter tone pixel to the leading edge of the line.

I think i should type out my thoughts as i analyse and edit, I articulate it so well in my mind at that moment and it would be genuinely helpful, then when i get around to typing it comes out kinda crap :sry:

oh yeah, If you dither on the stat bars, you should keep it consistent, random dither doesn't look overly appealing. I know you basically have 2 dither patterns within the bars but the styles don't match, and it's not a gradual step of more intense dither, which could work. btw good luck with all that. Hope you persevere, sounds like alot of work, are you solo developing it?

oh what the hell I'll even elaborate even more by demonstrating a way to improve the GUI/BARS