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Title: [Paid] Novus Dawn - Seeking Isometric Artist for Tilesheets!
Post by: Osteel on September 30, 2011, 05:10:29 pm

Hello artist!

We are currently looking for a secondary pixel artist to help balance the load for our existing artist. Here is some brief information about the game, role and compensation. Any feedback is welcomed as well!  :y:

Novus Dawn is a tactical RPG that has been in development for a year this coming November. As an international online collaboration, we have team members from Canada, USA, Sweden and the UK, and have been pushing forward together for quite some time. Our goal is to release the Prologue (4-5 hour gameplay) version of the game in the upcoming months before using the existing engine to complete the full version.

The game itself plays more or less like a traditional tactical RPG though we have attempted to put in some semi-unique game mechanics to give it a different feel. Currently, the engine is being developed in AS3/Unity for the Prologue and will be quickly ported over to C# for the main game. Though, this doesn't necessarily effect the artwork!

Matthew Ostil - Project Coordinator

David Labbe - Lead Developer
Antony Woods - Developer

David Lee - Writer

Tim Jonsson - Pixel Artist
Geneva Benton- Concept Artist
Ben Swearingen - UI Designer

Trevor Hewer - Music Producer
Michael Ostil - Concept Composer

As Tim has recently started University, he is having some issues keeping up with the game. So, as suggested, we have decided to take on a second pixel artist who's main purpose would be to focus on static assets. These would include finishing up the tile sheets and creating the UI based off the concepts.

It is important that the pixel artist can be consistent with the existing tile sheets, which I understand could be an issue. Here are some quick screen shots of our existing art:


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As much as I'm tempted to say profit sharing, I know that simply isn't possible. We are wiling to pay for the assets, but please keep in mind that we are a hobbyist group with the dream of creating a game together. As we are also an online collaboration, we are all working on this game as volunteers with the goal of expanding our portfolios; any money that does come as a result of the game (we do plan on making something!), is purely bonus and will be divided among the team.

In terms of building a portfolio, this game has been a direct result of two members of the team landing jobs in the industry, so it's been well worth the work! :) That said, we are looking for a pixel artist to hire who prefers to be paid per tile rather than hourly. We work on this game when we can and can't afford to treat it as a full time studio job.

If you wish to know more about the project specifically, you can post here or email me directly. If you're interested in joining the project, please email me with your rates and portfolio. My email is: matthew.ostil@gmail.com

Thank you! :D

Title: Re: [Paid] Novus Dawn - Seeking Isometric Artist for Tilesheets!
Post by: Zenobia on October 01, 2011, 10:27:45 am

I'm sorry to say I'm way too busy to apply, but I wanted to respond anyway to tell you the project looks great; I love the art and attention to detail that is visible so far.
Title: Re: [Paid] Novus Dawn - Seeking Isometric Artist for Tilesheets!
Post by: Osteel on October 01, 2011, 05:41:23 pm
Hi Zenobia,

Thanks for your comment, I'll be sure to pass that onto the artist, he'll appreciate the words. That's too bad you wouldn't be able to join us. All the best with your future ventures, though!  :)
Title: Re: [Paid] Novus Dawn - Seeking Isometric Artist for Tilesheets!
Post by: yaomon17 on October 01, 2011, 08:12:44 pm
This looks amazing! Unfortunately, I don't think I can draw nearly as good as that.  :yell: