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Title: [Portfolio] Jason D. Cabral - 2D Artist
Post by: JasonDC on May 27, 2011, 11:10:44 am

My name is Jason D. Cabral and I am a versatile 2D artist. Iíve worked on many different projects for a few studios and was looking to take on some new projects.

I have experience in:
-User interface design
-2D asset design and creation
-2D animation
-Background and character concept design
-Illustrations for web and publication

I am very proficient in Adobe Photoshop and I am also familiar with a few different coding languages (Java, ActionScript 3.0, C++).

You can view my work through the links below:

Game Art Portfolio:  http://www.jasondcabral.com/?page_id=28 (http://www.jasondcabral.com/?page_id=28)

Digital/Traditional Portfolio:  http://www.jasondcabral.com/?page_id=12 (http://www.jasondcabral.com/?page_id=12)

If you would like to hire me for some work, please contact me at: contact@jasondcabral.com. I am very flexible with my rates and all rates are open to negotiation.

Thanks for your time!