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Title: New base for a RPG C&C needed
Post by: DungeonDan on May 18, 2011, 06:32:07 am
I like they way the base is looking its just i can get the right colors for it and the shadeing is off any help advice or edits are welcome(http://files.byondhome.com/WorleyBirdGames/base%20new.png)
Title: Re: New base for a RPG C&C needed
Post by: Cyangmou on May 18, 2011, 11:25:59 am
I looked over it and there are some obvious points which should be changed

-clearing the outline (e.g. the extra line at the feet it don't really look good and clutters it too much)
-anatomy (some parts are not elegant, should be fixed)
-colors and shading (as you said - you are trying to use AA, but it don't work, some colors don't fit together and some of them don't really blur the outline)

I edited it, so let's look at some of the things I changed

1) palette: I can't say how good this palette will work, a sprite is always a thing which is related to the background, but less colors make better animations. I used 9 colors, 5 main colors for the skin and 4 for the eyes, seems to be also a little bit much, but animating the eyes is not hard. Your eyes used some of the skin colors, a really bad mixture. I don't know if you have ever heard of a hue change but it's a really basic technique you should learn. I am going from a creme yellow over a down-toned red and finally end with violet. You can create this if you are playing around with the H-value of HSV

2) anatomy, outline: two things which are strongly related if you are doing a sprite at this size. It's big enough to use anatomy, but to small to do it right, because of that you have to cheat. you can adumbrate the form with the outline too. the best thing for something like that is to work with some simple pixel clusters and create the most important muscles, if you add unnecessary dark lines (chest, feet) it'll get really cluttered. If you add to much muscles it'll get hatrd to read and lots of banding mistakes will appear, try to find the right amount of details.
-the ears are in one line with the eyes, in this 2.5d iso the ears are a little bit higher than the eyes because of the perspective, you can play around with it, but yours were quite too high
-give the eyes special attention, the eyes (and the hair) are the most important parts for rpg charakters, you can also indicate them over the color of the clothing, but nice and crisp eyes are a must-have.
-face: remove the mouth and the nose, it looks not really beautiful, it's easier to adumbrate the forms with the shading. The mouth can appear if you let your charakter talk. just make another frame with one or three pixels and animate it then.

3) Shading: it's always a question if you want to do it as good as possible or as quick and good as it can get. If you want to do it quick use a lightsource from the top and mirror the charakter. in fact yo'll be with this technique really fast. If you are setting sa real lightsource you'll have to do tons of work more. a very important step is to add some shadow unter the chin.
If it comes to shading use your clusters, shading and anatomy are here quite near together, so feel free to take a look at my example

I also made a version with nose and mouth, just that you can feel the difference.

Title: Re: New base for a RPG C&C needed
Post by: DungeonDan on May 18, 2011, 02:20:15 pm
WOW thanks for the help i love to detail in how you fixed it i think i get what your saying im just Rlly new to base shadeing so this help me out alot i will post more as i work on this adding animation should be simple now

Found my new best friend here thanks Cyangmou  :angel: :y: