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Title: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: NyanNyanKoneko on August 17, 2005, 07:40:20 pm
Today I made my first pixelled character!  It's Kirby!

I'm the opposite of an artist, in fact I'm a programmer, but I am certainly reading up and hoping to learn.   8)

Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: Mercury Rising on August 17, 2005, 08:26:17 pm
The shading on the foot the right seems odd plus it shape is weird too, and the colors dont blend very well on kirbis body.  Plus the outline is a tad thick in some places and thin in others
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: Darien on August 17, 2005, 10:23:42 pm

This isn't bad for a first sprite.  The shading isn't spherical enough.  Try googleing up some references on that part.  I also think the foot's shape could be better refined.  I'm not sure the dithering works for a character like Kirby.  Also, a solid colored outline is usually not a good idea.  Either go with the black outline, or bring the color to the edge.
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: Evan on August 18, 2005, 12:04:17 am

I have to agree that kirby doesn't look spherical enough. This is the best reference I could find quickly. You see how all of the shading goes according to the curve of the sphere? And the light is mostly concentrated right by the lightsource? That'll be your first edit.

The second problem, as stated before, is the feet. The one behind kirby is fine, but the one in front is a bit crooked and misshapen. I'd say make it a wee bit smaller, and shade it similar to the body.

That's about it. It's a nice first sprite ;)
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: NyanNyanKoneko on August 18, 2005, 12:11:46 am
Thank you all for your help.  =) 

I'm going to continue practicing. 

I totally see what you mean about the foot and the sphere being oddly colored.  ;D
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: Doomraider on August 18, 2005, 03:58:43 am
   This is actually very good for your first thing. I like how you're already learning to dither so early, and you did it good. Look at my avatar, and you'll realize why I'm going to call you Doomraider Jr. =P Ok, so lets start off with the basic c+c.

   From what I can see, you KIND OF have a light source, mostly on the body it is correct, but not so correct on the feet. from where the light is, only the tip of the front foot should have light on it, the lower part being a bit darker. The foot in the back shouldn't really have any light on it, except for the area in the bottem right. This is because his foot is behind the body, and some light is reaching the back of the foot. Other then that, you should shade it with some dither of the darkest red on there.

   The foot should be casting a shadow onto kirby's body. also there should be a lighter area below kirby's mouth, but a darker above it(very small though) to show that is mouth has some depth.

   The lineart seems fine, except for the jaggies. Jaggies are when your drawings arent curved smoothly and it created a rough rigid looking line. if you made all the lines smoother it should look better.

   Im not going to lecture you on the color count as you're brand new to this stuff. I like how you got some unsaturated colors there, but for kirby's body, you should've had some more virbrant pink because well, its Kirby! =P Also I should mention that there are 3 black pixels, I don't know if they were intentional though, considering not all GIF savers are perfect.

Overall, this iss an awesome piece for your first post, I'd like to see some improvements outta you!

Keep on pixeling,
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: FaeryShivers on August 18, 2005, 07:01:00 pm
I'd suggest a more simple method of shading for something like kirby.
He's a very simple character and a simple bold method of shading seems to work best for him.
With simple characters its all about the placement of the shading and the shape rather than
the colors you are using.

Very good otherwise.
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: Rydin on August 19, 2005, 07:11:35 am

Here's a quick edit I did. I attempted to make the shading more kirby-like, but tried to keep your style. I used all your colors (there was quite a few to chose from :D), and didn't change the outline at all. (btw: the highlights on the shoes are fsked; there was no lighter shades of red)

Your biggest problem was that the lightsource was way off, if there was even one at all.  It is very hard for me to explain how to fix it, so I pixeled it instead. Another problem is that the colors are a tad to saturated; I picture Kirby much brighter, and more pink than brownish. You also used way too much colors than you could have gotten away with, I think I only used about 6 of the colors you used. Now something else that could use some work is the feet. I think right now they are a tad to jagged (doom pointed this out I think), and they should be a tad more 'tear-shaped', but that is just my opinon.

Overall, I think you captured the feel of Kirby; the pose is just so Kirby. Your dithering abilities are very good, considering the skill level you are.  I think for a first piece, you did a VERY great job. Keep on pixelin'!
Title: Re: My first pixel sprite.
Post by: NyanNyanKoneko on August 19, 2005, 06:27:54 pm
Thank you so much for the recoloring example!

That really helps a lot.   ;D

I'm going to post some more pixel art soon, but my boyfriend has been over playing my PS2 for the past 24 hours straight.  =P