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Title: Gurklike
Post by: Adam on April 24, 2022, 02:22:52 pm
I've been replaying the Gurk games recently, and got inspired to design something similar. Started with EGA, but then switched to the C64 colors. Here is what I have now. Right now I am still motivated to try and make a game out of it.

I introduced some new variations of the already existing tiles for the overland map, some new overlays for roads and multiple tile elements.
I am not sure about the water tiles. Any ideas to make them look better?

For the encounters, I thought that small vignettes would look much more interesting then the simple icons of a creature. Originally went with free drawings but then stumbled upon a screenshot of the Wolf Rock encouter in Magic Candle and fell in love with the concept.

(https://i.ibb.co/VpDbfdV/forest-combat.png) (https://i.ibb.co/YDYTc55/ship-combat2.png)
I placed the combats on full pic maps instead of tiled ones. Added some new elements like dynamic starting positions, combat area limitations and map assets.

(https://i.ibb.co/Yp47Q02/20220423-combat-map-assets.png) (https://i.ibb.co/nnWGBmr/20220423-combat-maps.png) (https://i.ibb.co/KXfh4YS/20220423-map-tiles.png) (https://i.ibb.co/J5TyjzR/20220423-sprites.png)
Title: Re: Gurklike
Post by: fskn on April 25, 2022, 04:56:08 pm
It's been a while, Adam! Glad to see you're here and still pixellin'.

About your piece, everything looks lovely. Seeing from how detailed your mountains are, I think the sea tiles should receive the same treatment. I'm thinking the waves should go in the direction of the coast, but if you'll have more than just a coast on the east side, then you really need something more generic, perhaps using diagonals, kind of like:


...but you will make it much better, I'm sure.

I did round some corners in the coastline, and I'm not sure it's possible, but you could totally ignore those.

Perhaps the sea should be darker overall?