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Title: First Attemp In This Style
Post by: PixelOz on November 09, 2010, 07:20:20 am
I am new in this forum so I say hello to its other members and lovers of pixelart and/or art in any of it's myriad of styles.

I created a 12 icon set of various old nostalgic icons in pixelart style. I did this a long time ago but I updated it slightly now. The set is in 32 x 32 pixels size only. It is made with a limited palette of colors following the pixelart style.

Some of the icons have a 4 bit (16 color) format also that is just slightly different but even if all of them have a 8 bit (256 colors) format too the palette of colors used was limited on purpose to only a few colors for the old school look.

All the Mac icons have also a black & white only version inside the .icns file cause the Mac format saving forces it but these are simplified versions, they are not as elaborate as the 8 bit images but they are clean cause I processed them one by one by hand like the color images.

This is the first time I publish icons in pixelart style, I donít have that much experience in the style cause I only did a little of it many, many years ago when I was learning computers in my old PC junior computer.

I have learned a bit more about it by now but these are very old so please donít expect perfection cause I only updated them slightly instead of creating them from scratch.

I created a zip file that has Windows, Mac, Png and Gif versions. The alpha transparency is just one value for the sake of this particular pixelart style (full alpha) as you already know with no intermediate alpha values like the icons I usually publish, that is why they translate easily into Gif format with no problems.

You can download them for free in one my two places at Deviantart or Mediafire together with any of the other freebies that I have there like some other icon sets (not pixelart style), a few wallpapers, a few paper models, a free 270 page e-book with many illustrations that teaches how to create 3D paper models with the Blender 3D software (and this e-book is available in two versions, a high res and a low res version), etc.

This is all free, no strings attached, yours for the taking, seriously.

These are the addresses:

http://pixeloz.deviantart.com/ (http://pixeloz.deviantart.com/)
http://www.mediafire.com/?xym304qv5byua (http://www.mediafire.com/?xym304qv5byua)

You can modify the icons at least for your own personal use. I hope that you like them. Remember it just really a first try in 32 x 32 pixels icons size with a very limited palette.


Title: Re: First Attemp In This Style
Post by: Lizzrd on November 09, 2010, 08:20:05 am
There isn't really anything that is an universal pixelart style, it's sort of like paintings.
Every artist develops his or her own style after a while, then continues to develop that.
It's simply how we perceive and manage the 3D to 2D slightly differently from our minds to the sheet.
Title: Re: First Attemp In This Style
Post by: PixelOz on November 09, 2010, 06:09:42 pm
Oh don't worry I understand that very well, I have observed that already with the wide variety of styles that there are. I meant the "pixelart style" phrase in a very generic way referring to the pixelart genre itself, well I will just call it pixelart only to prevent confusion. That just shows how much of a newbie I am in pixelart forums. :)
Title: Re: First Attemp In This Style
Post by: robotwo on November 09, 2010, 07:34:10 pm
JPeG ... NOOOOOO!  :'(

But I see a MasterSystem , so I'm happy  ::)
Title: Re: First Attemp In This Style
Post by: PixelOz on November 10, 2010, 01:13:19 am
Oh the Jpeg is just a thumbnails image. The icon set that you can download at either of those places is in a zip file that includes them in 4 different formats, Windows .ico format, Mac .icns format, Png and Gif all formats with alpha (with only one alpha value) so you can have them as you want them. Here I'm showing them with a blue background:


Also I updated the file just slightly to include the black & white icons in another separate folder as Gifs.

Or perhaps you meant that you guys don't like Jpegs for previews and if that is the case that could mean that you don't like them for the artifacts they produce or because you can't see the transparency with them. Ahh I see that that could be part of the pixelart culture.

Well as for compression artifacts I saved the thumbnails Jpegs with the 100 setting for compression which virtually eliminates most of the artifacts.

I know that a lot of people have the tendency to save Jpegs with too much compression but I save them with much higher quality settings and in this case at full to prevent as little distortion as possible and also I gave them now a blue background so you can see which ones are transparent and which ones are not and you can see the transparency that I gave them.

Anyway I used a single Jpeg thumbnail because I was posting this whole icon set and if I want to post later a more elaborate pixelart I can post it in Gif or any other format like Png even though with Png I only use the full alpha value with pixelart as if it was the Gif format.

I could also make a larger single Gif or Png for thumbnails images if pixel artists prefer that. :)