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Title: Giraffe Fighter Go!
Post by: Ashkin on September 25, 2010, 11:35:09 pm
I've been doing a lot of pixel work recently... And I decided to post this, as it's sort of... One theme.
Giraffe Fighter, GO!!!
Walkcycle (My first walkcycle :3):
It... Kinda looks like he's walking backwards, doesn't it? :-[ Er... Just try not to focus on the legs? It's hard to do a walkcycle at this resolution!

Overhead Sword Attack:

I think these attacks could use more 'snap', though I'm not sure how to do it. Remove a frame or two?

Sword Idle:

Fighting Pose:

It's a 16*16 sprite, although resized to 64*64 for your viewing pleasure.
Critique is greatly appreciated, I want to know how to get better!
Title: Re: Giraffe Fighter Go!
Post by: Lukkas on September 27, 2010, 08:50:48 am
Sweet giraffe! I like it :)

The main problem I see with these is there's a little too much going on in your 16x16 pixels. In the walking animation, I'm not sure what the grey thing is. I think it's a shield? It'd probably look better without it.

As far as the walking animation, I think it looks like he's going backwards because in the last frame, the front leg shouldn't touch the ground. Try removing one pixel off the front leg and you should notice a difference.

On the overhead sword attack: Great! I think it's too slow though. Try speeding up the animation, and it's just fine :)

The uppercut looks strange, but uppercutting with a sword is strange anyway. I'd recommend replacing it with a stab. This would read better and probably be easier to animate anyway.

Those are my only critiques. Really cool giraffe, and good job on squeezing so much detail into such a tiny space. I can barely stand to do 24x24, much less 16x16.
Title: Re: Giraffe Fighter Go!
Post by: Ashkin on October 02, 2010, 03:52:44 am
Thanks, Lukkas!
The gray thing is the sword, sheathed on the giraffe's back. You can see the handle poking out above the right shoulder.
Here's an improved walk cycle, with sword removed and the pixel fix. ... It kinda looks like he's walking towards the screen now  :-\
I think the problem with the uppercut is he should be using a straight-up motion, just dragging the sword upwards through space, rather than swinging it back over his head. This way it looks like he's creating some kind of energy wave...
I did animate a stab before, I guess I forgot to post:
Thanks again for the critique!
P.S. Hm... Should I create a new thread for other pixel work, or keep all my worthless junk in one thread? ???