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Title: GR#032 - Lamia - Anatomy
Post by: FunTuff on August 11, 2010, 12:01:09 pm
I have just introduce meself so this is my second post here!
This is my first real try to pixeling, and i'm hoping that it isn't the last try.
The last days/week i've working on this. You can also see the reference, i just want to have it another pose.
I wasn't sure about the nudity, but i hope it will be fine.
As you can see, i have not really much yet, but i want to be sure that the outline is good before i start to coloring.
It will be great if someone can help me with the arms and the whole anatomy. Only if you want ofcourse!
btw, as i have said in my introduction, English isn't my first language, sorry for that.
Title: Re: [Wip] Medusa
Post by: EyeCraft on August 11, 2010, 12:46:31 pm
Hi FunTuff, welcome to Pixelation!

Couple of things:


Plan the lines of your pose. Make the they have interesting changes in direction, not just a straight, stiff, up-and-down pose.

After you work out those line directions (yellow in my edit), construct the figure's form using primitives. This will help you a lot in getting it looking like a tangible object, getting a sense of perspective, and also when shading. Note the very simple blocks and cylinders I used in my edit.

Using this approach is going to save you much, much time and headaches in setting up your lineart. :)
Title: Re: [Wip] Medusa
Post by: FunTuff on August 11, 2010, 01:07:20 pm
Thank you much EyeCraft!
Alright i now understand the way i should have work. Really thanks!
I will work on it today, btw i'm using mspaint  :D Just because i know how it works, i have also GIMP and maybe i will download GraphicsGale, i really want to improve my skills.
Really thanks for you help! :lol:
Awh, i love your avatar!
edit: Now I have this:
Title: Re: I just want to improve..
Post by: FunTuff on August 18, 2010, 06:37:07 pm
I don't gonna finish the medusa, i think is just to difficult for now, i first want to improve my skills.
I have made this:
It's a (sort of) mockup, you are the seahorse and you have to shoot the other fishes that are in your way.
The little sword fish is your mate.
I would love some critique and comments.