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Title: Pikachu emoticons
Post by: Alais on March 26, 2010, 12:08:14 pm
Hello again,

I'm making a set of emoticons with pikachu's face :)

See what you think:

Title: Re: Pikachu emoticons
Post by: EyeCraft on March 26, 2010, 01:57:09 pm
Looking pretty good, but many of the faces are emotionally equivalent. The top-left 4 are all happy, the top and bottom right are both sad, and ones adjacent to those are both angry.

I would write a list of all the common/useful emotions people express with emoticons, making sure each one was unique, then I would create the pieces based off of that.

Aside from that, they could use a stronger pop, I say greatly increase the strength of the shadows.

Also mute the red cheeks a bit, they're distracting from the actual emotion-related parts of the face.
Title: Re: Pikachu emoticons
Post by: OneSmartChicken on March 31, 2010, 05:07:51 am
They're actually pretty cute. I agree with the above statement in that they could use stronger shadowing.
But as a pokemon fan I understand the strength of the red cheek coloring. ^^
However, perhaps the outline of the red should be something in between yellow and red?

What might look nice on these is dithering, actually. I always felt smiley faces should be either incredibly simply but very interesting(i.e. the squares on here) or very very...overly detailed, so to speak. I don't know how to describe it right...

But honestly, for pikachu smileys, those actually seem about right. Am I correct in assuming that the emotions are from proboards smileys? If I recall correctly, proboards seems to have quite a few different "happy" and "sad" ones, yes? They do all seem a tad too similar, but if they're for proboards it makes a lot of sense. I'd suggest some minor animations to make them really pop--such as have the angry one's face turn red, you could even make it cute by having his cheeks turn yellow. Maybe even a bit of lightning. If you don't have a program that allows animating, I've found iaza.com to be reliable for such things. =)
Title: Re: Pikachu emoticons
Post by: Alais on March 31, 2010, 05:03:33 pm
Thanks ^^

They're for Simple Machines Forum, but I haven't actually checked which emoticons they have, as I generally hate the standard emoticons you get in most forums. The reason I have so many similar ones is to get an idea of which people prefer, I don't intend to use all of them! The 9 I have are by no means a complete set. I'm really very new to pixel art, only been doing it for maybe 6 months, so I wanted to see if it was worth me finishing and polising this idea :) I haven't yet edited the shadow, but I will get onto that asap. I will also see about animation, but that's always hard!

Thanks again for your help!