AuthorTopic: Need help from 2D pixel artist for video game! (Profit Share)  (Read 109 times)

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Hi Pixelation community,

I am currently part of a fairly new video game development team, Epsilon Games, and I am looking for help from pixel artists who would be interested in joining my team for a project called "Essence".

Genre of game: Action, Fantasy, RPG, Hack-and-Slash
Game Engine: Unreal

"Enter a fantastic world that is governed by the laws of essence, the energy that surrounds everything. Play as the mysterious man, who calls himself Dezi, in this intense hack-and-slash RPG game with fast paced combat involving superhuman abilities. Experience the exciting story with deep character development, that will leave you with questions of unsolved riddles!"

The art style will be anime semi-chibi style like this:(

Currently, I the assets that I need are:
  • 10 characters (each having 8 different angles, so that the sprite can move in 8 directions)
  • Character animations
  • Environment art
  • UI

If you are interested in making the art for this video game, please message me with images of some of your work! Or comment below!

Thank you!
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