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[ Profit Sharing ] Pixel Artist for Video Game

on: May 29, 2017, 04:05:25 pm
Hello this is Ethan from Viduus Entertainment,
We are currently looking for a 2D pixel artist to join the team to help make our first game.
Our Story
One of the other programmers and myself have been working on the game engine for over a year now and a few months ago we finally felt that it was ready to be turned into a game but we needed more people.  So we recruited a director and a writer which have completed a substantial portion of the story and now we need a pixel artist.
Game Premise
Humanity lives among the stars. Thousands of colonies dot the Milky Way under the guide and supervision of O-CORP, one of the many corporations funding colonization efforts. You work for Maintenance, tasked with investigating and eliminating problems too large for a colony to deal with on their own. Explore the galaxy. Win allegiances. Thwart those who would harm O-CORPís assets or its citizens. This is your journey.
We really want to make this game feel like an old school rpg with a few newer elements like, seamless worlds and an active battle system but still focus on the story.
Our Goals
We plan to release this game early next year and will start a kickstarter campaign once we have enough art since everything else about the game is ready to go.
Our Expectations
We arenít expecting you to work 40 hours a week or for this to be your full time job or anything. This has been more of a hobby for the rest of us and is turning into something cool. Most of the team spends around 20-30 hours a week working on our individual parts and we have a weekly meeting to discuss where we all are at and what the plan is for the future.
Since this is our first game we donít have any funds to pay anyone right now so we plan on splitting the profits between everyone.
Art Style
The art style we will be going for is SNES Sword of Mana meets Children of Mana in space.

Screen Shot of Game Engine

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Re: [ Profit Sharing ] Pixel Artist for Video Game

Reply #1 on: May 31, 2017, 03:04:49 pm
Hey man. By old school rpg you mean something like Black Isle works ie lots of dialogues, side quests, non-linear etc or like umm Diablo-alike action rpg or mayby like jrpg?
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