AuthorTopic: [PAID] Need 2 Mock ups done for anime characters.  (Read 330 times)

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About The Job :

The job is related to a fan-project I am creating. It's based on Fairy Tail -- if you haven't heard of it, it's an anime related to magic and wizards.

In my spare time I create free to play games based on popular anime titles for teenagers. This is one of them, Fairy Tail : The Black Lacrima.

The Premise Of the Game is that your player is a Mage who has had his or her memories wiped, due to the power of a strange magic.

As you piece together your identity you learn about the world of Fairy Tail first hand.


The game has been in production for approximately 2 months. I have a basic working demo of it using place holder art. What I'm seeking at the moment is an artist who can create still frames of various characters of the show in anime style art form(pixel art of course).

The rate of pay is per frame negotiable.

That being said, I'm an easy to work for boss--I've spent nearly 2-3 k on art alone in the last 2 months (not just here, deviant art and a few other places as well) but I do have a few things I need from anyone who works with me.

  • To avoid wasting my time and yours, I will require someone I can work closely with during the process, example--you decide on a pose for the piece, shoot me a message and let me know before you *actually* start pixeling for example.
  • Must be able to replicate or match the art style depicted below. I don't need you to copy someones art style or anything,
     but it should be pixel art similar to what you'd see in a JRPG or J Action game -- anime style.
  • Must be able to accept direction well--I find many people prefer to add their own touches, but when it comes to game development sometimes art needs to be created in a certain way in order to go along with systems in place. Thus, I really need someone who is receptive to that if they are interested in future work which is possible.
  • Ask questions. The number one issue I normally have is communication, so if something makes your job easier, request it. If you need references ask for them.
  • Please, please, please-- do NOT apply to this job if you have no comparative art ready for me to check out, due to the number of replies I normally get if you can't show me a piece pertaining to this job then its unlikely that I will respond.
  • DO shoot me a message if you are comfortable enough with your skills to create something like this :


I would need this done within 2 days (48 hours) per frame (no exceptions) so something else to keep in mind should you decide to reply.

Also the option of at least 1 edit is a requirement. I most likely won't even use it as long as you communicate well throughout the process of making the art prior  completing it.

Also very important, but I will NOT accept art that I haven't had any input on, example : I commission you for work, you disappear for 2 days, then show me a piece that is "done". The obvious reason is that it just may simply not be what I'm looking for and that will just cause issues where there shouldn't be.

If you can work within these guidelines shoot me a message, I go out of my way to make the job easy and painless, so essentially these are the only things I ask of you.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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Re: [PAID] Need 2 Mock ups done for anime characters.

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