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LF: 2D Sprite Artists, Composer [UNPAID]

on: May 23, 2017, 10:27:36 am
Hi! I'm R.

One Saturday night, walking through the streets of an empty town, the night was filled with longing and hoping for something from the past.

Cold winds.
Night lights.
Wishing the stars would make a difference in our lives.

Around 2AM, we went home and sat down on the terrace.
We drank the night away with beers and indie music from some faraway land.

That is how we wanted to create these types of games—to recreate the experience we felt that night, every Saturday night.

We are Saving Saturdays.

We're a friend of three composed of:
> a jack-of-all-trades 2D sprite artist; programming, designing, public speaking, twerking... bet you can't name a thing he can't do!
> a writer who writes every single f***ing night about a woman.
> and then there's me, a game developer who has a savior complex.

What we're building right now is...
A 2D game, set in 2003 at Chiba, that lets you relive the story of a young man—a beautiful, and meaningful nostalgic experience.

It will be done by combining beautifully crafted pixel art, melancholic production music, and a deep-in-the-soul story and script. And lots of film elements will be used.

The picture below is made by our artist.

So what are we looking for?
> 2D Sprite Artists
> Composer

If you got the technical skills,
the imagery and artistry of creating a film,
the commitment to stick on a project,
the passion to do something for the sake of art,
the connection with our vision, with us,
then come and join us.
You will undergo different tests before you actually make it.

You can send an email at
Or you may just leave a comment here.

May the spirits of the wandering souls, drinking beers at night, be with you.

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