AuthorTopic: Pixelation Animation Trello Board  (Read 110 times)

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Pixelation Animation Trello Board

on: May 14, 2017, 12:45:14 pm
Yo Pixelation!
There's a new Trello board specifically for animation!

So you might be wondering why?
We already have the forums and Slack.
Well here's a short list of reasons:

Front facing gallery
View tons of art quick without clicks unlike forums

Amazing for animation
We use this for work and I can assure you, seeing every character ever made animate in a massive column is godlike

Shit on slack goes away

Don't feel like you need to use them but I find them to be a nice motivator!

Anyway, not gonna blah blah you to death with reasons.
Just try it out and see. :)

If you'd like to join PM me your email!

If you just want to check it out the board is public.

See ya there!
Happy pixeling!
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