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Figured I'd show off my portfolio full 'a neat'o stuff.

I've worked on the iOS game, Tiny World: - Pictures -

The published Steam Game, Evil Hazard: - Pictures -

Published Hex Phase (entirely pixel art done frame-by-frame): - Pictures -

As well as many other projects:
Work/Portfolio -
Beat-Em-Up -
Metroidvania -
Zelda-like -
Current Project -

Per rates, I either go by hour or by quote. If per hour, around ~$20-25 is my usual rate with it scaling up a bit pending on the overall complexity of what needs to be done. Otherwise, I tend to base my quotes on that general number. I generally prefer half payment up front and half upon completion through Paypal. I'm currently only doing paid work and am not interested in rev share or hobby work. Feel free to contact me at
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