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Need a sound fx composer

on: May 09, 2017, 02:38:18 am
Hello guys! I have been (and still) working on my game for the past 4 months. It is a puzzle platformer with Zelda, Mario, and Mega Man elements. Currently, I have finished programming about 90% of the player character. I have also done all the sprites. Now, I want to start adding sound fx. I want to do this now as i want every part of the player character done before i start tiles and enemies.
I need:
  • a jumping sound effect
  • a throwing sound effect
  • a boomerang sound effect
  • a very subtle landing sound effect
  • a very subtle walking sound effect
  • a rolling(somersault) sound effect
  • a second rolling sound effect, used when player performs a front flip
  • a ladder climbing sound effect
  • a wallgrabing sound effect(wallgrabing like the mario and mega man x games)
  • a walljumping sound effect
  • a wobbling/balancing sound effect
If you are some how talented enough to make yells or screams, that would be greatly appreciated. It can be used for when the player throws a boomerang. If you don't get what i mean, check out minish cap's "voice acting"
Here is a link to a video to my game, so you can decide what audio would work well with the visuals.

If anyone would be willing to help, please let me know down below. It is GREATLY appreciated if anyone would help out. Thank you for your time!
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