AuthorTopic: Zombie Chow - LF the most BA artists  (Read 151 times)

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Zombie Chow - LF the most BA artists

on: May 06, 2017, 07:47:25 pm
What Up

I've got a few game projects, but this is the one I'd like to take to the next level.

I'm looking for 2-3 artists to help me with this project.  At least one of my artists will have to be capable of animation so keep that in mind.

The theme I'm going for is a very gritty, gory world.  It's a zombie survival game.  Lel.  You should be able to draw objects from a bird's eye view, take Pokemon on the GB for example.

As far as how frequent I'd want to get together, I'd be hoping almost everyday for a few hours - IDGAF if you need a break, or you're hanging with someone, that's fine, just let the team know beforehand.

We'll be using Discord for communication, you don't need a mic, but that would help a lot in trying to convey what your ideas are.

I plan on selling the game, if we make money off the game then I would pay you a % of the first month's profits.  If you worked well and you got along with everyone I would definitely like to stick together and work on my other projects! <3

Also, no idea what to call our "team", so I'll just name the Discord Zombie Chow, lmfao.  Maybe we can come up with a name for us later, yeeeeeah: Discord Link:

PS: Discord Link will be removed from the server once we get the team together.  So hurry up, peeps.