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Tiny People RTS!

on: April 24, 2017, 03:21:55 am
Hello Pixelators!

I love working with other people and have been building an RTS where tiny people spawn and fight each other. I'd love to find some people to help us finish the artwork. We have one person still making it, but he just picked up pixel art as we went, so it'd be nice to have someone to help him and maybe even help manage the whole visual theme, make tilesets, concept art, etc.

It's a simple game where you make the buildings and units auto-spawn and attack the enemies.
It has a ton of potential and I'd love to make it something really awesome with your help. I'm the creator and main programmer. We are finishing up version 1 which we will release and consider a completed project. After that we want to take it further with a version 2, such as attack, death, and idle animations.

Here are my development logs showing off what we've made so far!

Hope to hear from you!