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Seeking Volunteers for RP Game

on: April 23, 2017, 05:48:01 pm
About Me

Evening all. My current handle -- as you can see -- is Dargoth2012. I am a 22 two year old, humble undergraduate. Despite still being in school, when I'm not studying I place the bulk of my time in developing a small, indie project. To be frank, I like to consider myself a decent programming, but I am lacking in the game development experience. Nevertheless, this is why I've worked day and night to refine my craft. Naturally I won't expect many (if any) people to jump at the chance to perform volunteer work, but you won't know until you try!

Hopefully what is shown below proves to be enticing to a selected few talented artists.

Game Information

The game I run is called 'Tales of the Forgotten'. The game is a tad unconventional and isn't meant to follow genre norms. As an RPE [as I like to call it], the game would have no set story-lines or objectives in the form of quests. Rather, the entire in-game universe would be controlled and dictated by the player's actions entirely.

To get the main idea, imagine a popular Shonen property. In this scenario, our very own role-players would act out their uniquely made characters and either become the world's greatest hero, or one of it's most hated villain.

The idea is inspired heavenly from Forum RPs, but in this scenario we'd be applying graphical touches and coded mechanics to aid in the player's immersion. I won't go too much into detail, but that's the general gist of things.

Positions Needed

As you'd guess. . . I need an accomplished artist! Preferably one that is proficient in either Pixel Art or Brush Painting [as I'm told is utilized for some of my assets]! In addition, it'd be a great help you had some experience in using/making sprites for RPGmaker, which is where I take inspiration from. Overall, if you want to help, you ought to be proficient with at least one of the following. [I'm going to order from most desired to least]

  • Clothes/Weapon/Hair Designers: These guys probably are in the highest demand, mainly because everything they do will require some sort of animation. What I need from those intrigued in this role is for the artist to pretty much build a fully animated outfit for each character sheet. We have all of the animations done and settled for both, so shouldn't be too hard to use them an outline.
    • Male and Female have two different sprites. So if you prefer one sex's anatomy over the other, do tell.
    • Hair are top priority, followed by clothes, then weapons and/or armor being last.
  • Environmental Artists: People that can design graphics for the environment. The biggest priority being 'Buildings Tile Sets', followed by things like Mountains, Trees, Roads, and so forth. Naturally I won't go too deeply into detail, but that's the general summary.
    • Very few items will require animation. But we do still need different types of water and weather effects that occasionally will need to be animated.
    • Areas needed the most are Deserts and Swamp-like regions. If any these especially fit your style of art, please contact me.
  • GUI Developer: Guys who can help me put together a single, cohesive GUI.
    • Would include things like inventory, health bar, etc.
    • Some things are already made, they can be used as a base if desired.
  • Special Effects: Cool Energy skills, and/or lighting.
    • Least needed since the game needs to be more compelling before we worry about the cool factors.
Example Images
If you can match this quality, see below!

Contact/Final Thoughts

I know this is a lot to ask for. I'd like to stress that I don't expect any volunteer to slave away and sprite my game. But any help can go a long way. Anyway, if you're interested and want to contact me, see the information below.

Discord: Atomix #5057
Skype: [Handle is Atomix]