AuthorTopic: [Profit/CrowdFunding-Share] Looking For Pixel Artist: Old-School RPG Game  (Read 204 times)

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We are looking for a motivated pixel artist to join our development team for an old school RPG: Carcera Elementae!

More specifically, we are looking to have the following assets created to launch our funding campaign:

- 2 Hand-drawn maps
- 1 Battle-backs
- 3 Hand-drawn frames for a short intro cuscene
- Walking & battler Sprite Sheets for 2 playable characters
- 2 Static Monster sprites


What we have:

Walk Sprite Sheet

Battle Sprite Sheet

What we want (Mack Sized Char Sprite Sheets):

We will be using RPG Maker MV for this project so prior experience with this software would be a plus.

We plan on launching a financing campaign on IndieGoGo and/or Kickstarter around May for which we already have a dedicated person with experience.

Depending on the success of this campaign we will offer compensation in the order of [PM FOR DETAILS].

We would also be willing to discuss a new deal for more graphical assets (around 80 character sprite-sheets, 80 sprites and 87 hand drawn maps).

Our goals for this campaign are modest and aimed mainly at covering the cost of the work.

If you are willing to work as our primary artist for the entire project, you will also be entitled to a [PM FOR DETAILS]% profit-share.

If you are interested in joining our team or would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact me!
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