AuthorTopic: LF Artist for 2D Hack'n'slash platformer  (Read 172 times)

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LF Artist for 2D Hack'n'slash platformer

on: January 09, 2017, 02:08:29 pm
My name is Vlad, I'm from Russia.
A year ago I started work on my own videogame (codename: "Purity").
Main feature: lack of hard adherence hero<->class<->abilities. You can spread skillpoints all over the ability-tree. For example your hero can become both Rogue-Warrior (Pirate) or Mage-Priest (Sorcerer) and Pure Mage (Archmage) or Pure Ninja (Yamabushi).
Main goal: find one of six Artifacts (one per each class branch).

What I have now:
pile of papers with concepts/code/art
some .psd files with in-game art
some code that allow me to add new items/abilities to my game

Class hybrids



What I want to find here:
2D artist that will create lots of fantastic art for free (revenue).

If you have any questions about art-style/game mechanics/lore/etc. - you can ask it here or at
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