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Pixel Art / Re: Blue Monkey Low pixel walk [C+C]
« Last post by Mnots on April 21, 2017, 01:03:30 pm »
Nice character design! Very reminiscent of Fez. :D

He doesn't feel too much like a monkey to me, atm. Something that may possibly help is adding a "skin" section around the face to separate it from his blue fur. You could utilize the same colors you're using for the stomach to do so. Speaking of which, those green shades don't contrast well enough with the blue, and aren't noticeable at a smaller size.

Made a brief edit to show you what I meant. I think the pattern around the face gives him more of a monkey look. :D

You have (what I feel is) a couple of unnecessary colors in your palette, too. While I understand what sort of depth you were going for with the varying shades, there's a couple ways around it. Note that I removed the intermediary blue tone you were using for the tail, and went with the darker shade instead. This allows you to remove the white you were using for the right arm, and use the blue from his body instead. I feel this makes the anatomy a bit more readable, which is always a hard thing to pull off when pixeling such a small piece.

Daminit he's back.

Now I'm actually getting pissed!

This picture you posted also doesn`t explain what kind of copyrights you
have on it.

Or the case is that you took an existing idea, made a pixel art version of it, named it same as the original and
published it globaly ? I mean how do you believe was it stolen from you, you had uploaded somewhere with global access or directly from your hard disk ?

If it is the first case, you are good.
If it is the second, you shouldn`t have done it without a license from the FFT company.
One could easily accuse you for idea theft and unauthorised publication, if he was bad willing.
And it would also mean that you should consider your part of responsibility for this whole mess,
as you initialy provided something you shouldn`t have.

Unlike you who obviously has no creativity; Vagrant doesn't need a pre-existing model to create something off of. I stand as a witness that this was his concept and original art. Just give it up.

Also you can't deny that Bomblord is mine nor can you deny the frame ripping Surt posted.
There is no reason to get upset III.
Regarding your sprite, the bottom left one, I was not asked to animate it.
The client told me that yours is the original and that the monster above it was done by the artist he hired
as a simpler quality boss sprite in order not to offend your copyrights. I have kept the emails and I can show
them to you if necessary.

It appears that what he told me was probably not true but what is certain is that your work
is not involved in this issue.

Let me know if it clear regarding your part .

I would also like Vagrant to answer my question, please let him do so.
To make more specific my concern, for example when I type on the net FF Wyvern Monster
I find this

It looks to me like a 3d version of Vagrant`s sprite. And a quick search shows many others like this.
I never played an FF title to know which comes first and what characters it includes so I am asking Vagrant if his
sprite was officially made for the FF company or if it was made as a hobby after he saw a concept like the image
I just posted of that monster.

I can reply about the flying owl also, I am just trying to keep an order to the conversation, however
if the moderators or the admin prefer me to do that before clearing the issue with Vagrant, let me know.

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Large troll, need help with shading big surfaces
« Last post by startselect on April 21, 2017, 12:41:22 pm »
Wow yaomon17 thats amazing!
I tried to learn what I could from your version, especially what you did with the arms and stomach, but also kept some elements that I was pretty fond of like the head, leather wristbands etc. Kept the colors too, I think yours look great but it's to close to what I've already got going on for orcs, gotta keep the trolls away from the greens  :)

Pixel Art / Re: trying to improve using game boy sprites
« Last post by PixelPiledriver on April 21, 2017, 12:32:06 pm »
Use a larger canvas and draw the same subject many times.
Drawing one thing per file lacks direct comparison and will limit your ability to gauge progression.

Just to make this clear: Animator has been given the chance to clear this up, so please allow him to do just that. I'm keeping an eye on this and I feel there really is no need to get hostile. If you have any other claims to make that you would like to have cleared up as well, go ahead and post them, but please stay civil.
Thank you Crow.
Pixel Art / APE eat APE Loop [C+C]
« Last post by TenaciousCorn on April 21, 2017, 12:01:43 pm »
Good day.

I've been experimenting with some stuff and decided to make myself an avatar that resembles my older nickname )

Here's an ape eating an ape for all eternity. Hope you'll like it.

Which one's better?

Please share your thoughts and critiques, all as usual welcome.

Pixel Art / Re: Blue Monkey Low pixel walk [C+C]
« Last post by TenaciousCorn on April 21, 2017, 11:56:51 am »
Got it, Mystery Meat. I'll try to remove excessive frames and see how it looks. Thanks.
Portfolios / Re: Concept Artist /Illustrator available for work
« Last post by gloominati on April 21, 2017, 10:31:43 am »
I am currently taking on more freelance commissions. If you would like to hire me, please contact me via
Portfolios / Re: Artist Available for Paid Work: 2D/Pixel Art/Character Design
« Last post by einzbern on April 21, 2017, 08:42:49 am »
Available again bump!
Animation / Re: Attack Animation
« Last post by MysteryMeat on April 21, 2017, 08:04:47 am »
Looking good, but I'd commit further with the second motion, extend the arm more. As it is it creates a small readability issue with the silhouette since it stops while overlapping the face.
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