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Portfolios / pixel artist looking for a company to work in
« Last post by Melodee on Yesterday at 02:59:52 pm »
Here are examples of my work:
If you wanna interested and wanna know more about the projects i've worked in and examples of what I made for them, email me at:
Pixel Art / Re: [blood/gore] Zombie
« Last post by eishiya on Yesterday at 02:36:18 pm »
Looks good, very nice sense of form. I have only minor critiques:
The shoulder bite has the upper and lower jaw imprints too close, it looks more like a leech bite than a human/zombie bite. Human jaws are hinged pretty far back from the teeth, so when they open wide enough to chomp on a shoulder, the space between the upper and lower jaw imprints would be pretty big.
With how healthy-looking the zombie is everywhere else, I don't think it really fits to have the skin right on top of the ribs like that. Since he still has pretty juicy abs, then there should at probably be tendons for those to be attached to, and probably some trace of the oblique muscles. I think an easy "fix" would be to just remove the dark dithered shadow where the ribs meet the abdomen, which makes them look like they're sticking out behind the muscled areas. If they just smooth transition with only the red shadows, I think it'll look more like the abdominal muscles are layered on top of them, and the obliques are gone.
General Discussion / Re: Any Tips for Starting a Team Project?
« Last post by eishiya on Yesterday at 02:24:09 pm »
Forgot to specify this in my previous post, but might've been evident from what I wrote above.
(Meant this as an edit to the previous post, accidentally clicked Quote instead of Modify)

Adopt a "drop-in, drop-out" structure instead of expecting people to stick around. Make it easy for anyone who wants to to contribute something without having to catch them up. A public task list is a great way to do this. You can also post examples of current assets to make it easier for people to stay stylistically consistent. This sort of structure applies to the coding side too. Instead of looking for "programming", have tasks for things like "Unity C# script to draw falling snow using sprites from a directory, with the directory, snow density, speed, and (optionally) wind set as parameters", something anyone can write with minimal knowledge of the rest of the project, something they might possible have from another project. If it's detailed enough, a person won't even need to contact you first, then can just post the result if they feel like doing it. This means even shy people might contribute.
Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][CC] Beaver Knight
« Last post by JellyStarCat on Yesterday at 01:37:59 pm »
Whoa, thanks for the criticism, everyone. They were very useful and detailed :o.
Sorry, I haven't posted any progress lately.
Anyway, I decided to do it again from stratch, here's what I have currently :).

Concept drawing:
Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Looking for feedback on an attic scene I drew
« Last post by Sersch on Yesterday at 01:27:59 pm »
i like it. The little table in the middle maybe looks like it is out of place, maybe because its too bright
Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Looking for feedback on an attic scene I drew
« Last post by Knowlesspot on Yesterday at 10:41:00 am »
Thank you, that makes a lot of sense now! Instead of remaking what I've drawn already I'm going to apply this to the next thing I do.

I also found this example very helpful:
General Discussion / Re: Any Tips for Starting a Team Project?
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 10:31:54 am »
In addition to the above, draw up a contract as soon as possible to make sure everyone is on the same page with art asset rights, royalties, and of course the all-important payment process.
Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Looking for feedback on an attic scene I drew
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 10:18:18 am »
I'm sure there are, though I  can't think of any off the top of my head. The concept for clusters though is to try and avoid single pixels or disconnected lines of pixels by keeping things chunky and grouped.
To illustrate, here's a "bad" cluster and a "good" cluster:

"Bad", there's a lot of hatching and visual noise that creates a grainy, cluttered look.

"Good", there's no longer any single-pixelwidth tangents or free-floating pixels, resulting in a smoother yet still textured appearance.

Obviously these aren't applicable, and in some instances noisier textures are desirable, but hopefully that helps with understanding the concept!
Pixel Art / Re: GBC Beam Kirby
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 10:08:53 am »
I'm not seeing any image, can you try uploading it again? I click "Get share link" and then "bb code" box and copy the whole thing in after uploading to imgur.

Here, fixed for you!
Job offers / Re: [PAID] $250/Day BOE LF "High-Bit" Pixel Environment Artist
« Last post by Ito on Yesterday at 09:51:00 am »
Hi! I just sent you a PM.


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