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Pixel Art / My first tree
« Last post by lharoon on Today at 01:10:55 am »
I suspect the shading is pretty wonky, so critique is appreciated.

ZeldaII Inspired Metroidvania Platformer RPG High-Bit Visual Style Game Project looking for Talented Pixel Artist for Scenes and Backgrounds:

Backgrounds visual style reference:

You may show the Work in your Portfolio as long as you make reference to the game project.

If this fits your profile PM or post links to your work!!
General Discussion / Re: Spriter Editor Time Scale Question
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 11:10:29 pm »
Shrug. Typically it's easier to work with milliseconds (once you get used to it) since it allows you to create differently-timed frames for more complex animations. Try getting a copy of aseprite, it may be more useful for learning all that with a simpler interface!

Edit: It's also just a simple thing I came up with a while back to replace my awful old username, pay it no mind
Portfolios / Re: [PORTFOLIO] Pixel artist for hire
« Last post by Danielclarc on Yesterday at 08:21:44 pm »
New art:
Portfolios / Re: Raou -- Pixel Artist for hire
« Last post by Wage on Yesterday at 07:48:36 pm »

Love the artstyle of this one. Great work!
Portfolios / Re: [Portfolio] Amateur Pixel Artist
« Last post by Wage on Yesterday at 07:47:07 pm »
How long have you been designing? That's some awesome work, great job.
Pixel Art / Re: My News Pixel Arts
« Last post by Tycho Magnetic Anomaly on Yesterday at 05:44:31 pm »
Hi there..

I think the scale-up and re-detailing is fine, the color themes you have chosen could be better, in particular on the wolf guy.. his eyes and hands seem completely lost , and your last 2 "evil (i assume)" variants, the eyes on both need a little bit more work.

But to be honest I question why you are doing this, if its a case that you are experimenting with pixel art then why not try develop a character out of your own imagination? It can be inspired by sonic or something else, but I think the problem with copying something so closely as in pixel by pixel, is you are not going to get experience with being creative yourself.  My suggestion is try, try, and try again to make your own works and after seek reference from other peoples work to see how you can improve it, rather then take someone else art first and trying to improve / mod it.

I hope to see something out of your imagination next time :)
Keep at it
Pixel Art / Re: Bulbasaur Sprite help?
« Last post by Curly on Yesterday at 04:33:03 pm »
Looks better than the old one.
Watch the shapes and the color clusters in the original Pokemon sprites. They are simpler and look cleaner and nicer.
Try to avoid using so many single pixels. Most of them are just noise.

I deleted the eyes and mouth so you can easily see how the shading is simpler than yours.
Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« Last post by 0xDB on Yesterday at 04:07:41 pm »

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Outrun Inspired Piece
« Last post by Tycho Magnetic Anomaly on Yesterday at 01:20:50 pm »
Hey, I have a particular fascination with neon, in particular 80s neon things, and most especially hot pinks, I think you have managed to capture both that 80s retro feeling and at the same time a good reference to the game this image is based on.

I would agree and say it needs "something" else, the truth is there is a ton you could do with it, but you don't want to end up guiding the lily either. Perhaps some neon-ish abstract wire-frame simple cubes going into the distance. I notice you have a darker line on most of the areas of the blue grid, I might suggest (if you have colors to spare) that you apply that on your grid on both sides, perhaps use 3 shades going darker, this might give the appearance of a slight glow, I am also curious if you could do it on the elements in the sun too.  A quick way to test how effective it might be before committing to painting is bring the image into photoshop(or whatever), color pic all the  blue grid lines out, and pop it on its own layer, then simply experiment with layer styles/glow/gradients.etc , might be worth doing also on the sun. 

But hey I am a sucker when it comes to glows , hazes, neon.. this image could work just as well as you have it but with a bit more feature on the left and right sides.

good luck with it,, I would be interested to see it if you ever complete it.

maybe also cast your peepers over these for inspiration.
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