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It might help you a bit to post more details about the game mechanics and compensation to draw interest.
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by Zizka on Yesterday at 09:26:37 pm »
Here's another take. I think the icons are pretty readable. A warhammer for the dwarf, thief mask for thief, sword for soldier and staff for wizard.

another bump!
Pixel Art / Re: Posing Practice
« Last post by Rosier on Yesterday at 08:20:47 pm »

Both of those definitely helped!  I also decided to look at KOF to help me plan the animation I'm doing a bit more, and I tried out shading along those lines.  Chest might need some work, but I think it's a start.
Pixel Art / Re: Posing Practice
« Last post by dpixel on Yesterday at 06:12:13 pm »
Maybe this edit can give you some ideas:
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by Zizka on Yesterday at 12:41:52 pm »
Classes will branch out as they earn levels. In other words, rogue will have the choice of going towards ranger/asassin (with their own builds and strenghts/weaknesses), soldier towards samurai/gladiator, Wizard towards necromancer/elementalist and dwarf towards artificer/rune master. So the basic classes will then provide more opportunities.

Read and acknowledged about the rest.
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by eishiya on Yesterday at 12:32:13 pm »
Are there really only going to be four classes? One of the fun things about games like Warhammer and FFT is the variety of units they have, and the synergy between those units. I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't play a game like this if I knew it had only four classes.
Although, if you're not going to have a lot of classes, you can probably distinguish between them using smaller icons than you currently have, since the icons have fewer other icons to be distinguished from. Your current icons seem unnecessarily large. Also, the classes seem to be "Smith, Orc, Warrior/Swordsman, ??? (Mystic? Cultist?)", only the Warrior clearly corresponds to the existing classes.

I'd put more space between the class icons and the costs (charging time and energy cost), currently they read as a single set of icons rather than as separate information. Maybe even put them on the bottom, below the description, then you could make the art bigger and less boring. If you're going to do "cards", then commit to the card aesthetic - those things usually have pretty big art, and the icons aren't all clustered together.
Also, if you're representing energy with a set of icons, then I recommend using sets of icons on the cards too, rather than digits, for consistency. If you were doing digits or bars, then digits would be appropriate.

Will the player have a hand of cards to look through? In that case, you may want to consider how you'll present information when all the cards are smooshed together and aren't visible in full. For that, the title and costs at the top might be best, and the classes can be at the bottom or side.
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by Zizka on Yesterday at 11:27:52 am »
First draft for ability card:

Top row: classes allowed to use ability (Dwarf, Rogue, Soldier, Mage)
Hourglass: charging time (how many rounds to activate)
Bolt: Energy cost
Icon in the middle, icon representing the skill (single sword).
Bottom: card description

Comments please.
Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« Last post by jams on Yesterday at 05:20:06 am »

Pixel Art / Re: Posing Practice
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 02:47:17 am »
What you've done looks more like one of those punky undercut things, perhaps something more like this?

I also reworked the face and ear a little, watch that overbite!
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