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Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by Zizka on Today at 01:33:34 pm »
Sorry Jun, I just saw your comment, I didn't receive a notification about it so I haven't made the values darker yet. I was just dropping by to show the update.

I've decided to ditch the card system entirely. Too cumbersome and time consuming not to mention unnecessary. I've learned a lot from Super Toaster X in production so I don't end up overwhelmed with things to do. Keeping it simple is the motto here.

Using a book instead:

I modified the icons, except for the dwarf one which I like. The quill is used for selection. The icons on the left are the skill icons appearing in game. The page on the right displays the skill description.

Basically, which can use/can't use icons do you prefer? Circle? Cross? I put a few samples there.
Pixel Art / [C+C] Dwarven Fortress and Stuff
« Last post by Skaz on Today at 01:27:46 pm »

Some of you might remember my first topic here, and this one won't be very different: underground caves, great halls and dwarves... minus the dinosaurs.

I'll post a lot of stuff here, characters animations, tiles, backgrounds, etc. All in the goal to get valuable criticism (which doesn't imply positive ones, harsh and constructive is even more valuable), so don't hesitate!

I'll start with the characters base, dwarves woman and man, with a few animations for the woman. White t-shirt and jeans isn't an artistic choice, it's just the template on which further outfits designs will be stuck.

A turnaround for each, it's my default procedure by now to animate the characters later.

A run cycle and a breaking animation.
I kept a low colour count, with tow shades for each colour.

Now some textures! Basic rock blocks, small and large ones:

Designed to be used as tiles. I heavily used Metal Slug as a source for inspiration. Why not aiming for the stars?

The two full sets:

An assembly test with the tow basic rock sets, done while finalising them. I have anti-aliased some rock since.  The hanging blocks are a bit out of place, they are from a previous rock texture attempt.

That's all for now, again, every criticism and advice is highly welcome!

- Skaz
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by jun on Today at 11:58:00 am »
I haven't read the entire post, so apologies in advance.
Any reason for using such washed out values? If I were you, I'd look into darkening the darks more.
Branching off the above comment, if you want something appealing on the cheap try shopping around for something like earthbound's stylization. It's a fairly recognizable style and also pretty low-effort to replicate most of the time.
General Discussion / Re: Question on time spent doing Pixel Works Genrally
« Last post by 32 on Today at 06:31:08 am »
Definitely for that detail and size I would be expecting a couple of hours, possibly more per frame. I wouldn't be aiming for this unless you have significant funding behind you, depending on the number of characters you could easily be looking into the 6 figure range for a full games worth of assets.
General Discussion / Re: Question on time spent doing Pixel Works Genrally
« Last post by Ai on Today at 02:11:33 am »
Thank you for the response. If you don't mind me asking for clarification though, are you talking about a single "sprite?"
Do you mean a single frame, or one animation, by 'sprite'?

(i suggest avoiding the term sprite, as it is not specific enough. RO also has animation that ranges from good to pretty damn cheap. Ideally, you would cite one or more particular animations or static frames as a concrete example of the scope of your question)
Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Miniatures
« Last post by eishiya on Today at 01:13:32 am »
The hammer doesn't read to me because the dwarf has a battleaxe in the sprite rather than a hammer.
The thief mask might read better without the band on the sides. They look too much like elf/orc ears, at least to me.
The new wizard icon is pretty effective! I'd consider making the staff lighter/thicker and the magic around it darker, so that it's even clearer. Currently, the magic is as solid-looking as the staff, so at first glance it can read like a drawn bow.

The new skill art's more interesting, but is there a reason for all the empty space around it?
Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« Last post by 0xDB on Today at 01:09:14 am »
It late. I drunk.

The RO style is complex and has a high colour count. Such things take a long time, even when working with templates and predefined palettes as the RO artists (plural!) probably are. Even experienced, speedy artists will likely need at least several hours per sprite, plus many more hours for the animations, many of which have to be done essentially from scratch, as moving already-pixelled limbs around can only get you so far.

If the artist also has to design the characters instead of working from a design, expect to add at least a few more hours for that. Design takes experience and time.
General Discussion / Re: Question on time spent doing Pixel Works Genrally
« Last post by Synel on Today at 12:07:58 am »
Thank you for the response. If you don't mind me asking for clarification though, are you talking about a single "sprite?" I know spriting is a tough art but that's a lot of time spent.

I need quite a few done to be honest. If it takes that long relatively for one I might be in for a very long project.
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