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Pixel Art / Re: First Pixel Art - Here's a Cheeky Cyberpunk Street Scene
« Last post by Kya Hon on Today at 10:10:51 pm »
There's a shadow there, although you might have meant it's inaccurate? Additionally, the lines on the floor are just aesthetic marks in a color that would make it feel more 'cyberpunk', they don't mean anything but they just add some extra small floor detail.

About the neck though, should I remove that one pixel or should I move the head downwards one more time, eliminating every trace?

I know I need to learn to "see". I have figured that out on my own. From copying pixel art pixel-by-pixel I feel I have improved. I guess I'll copy pixel art hair too. I need to get an answer from someone about this.

Ai- I don't understand how on that loomis on hair 59-60 is learning about the hair. It's Analysis of facial markings and drawing faces of all ages. Did you give me the right page?

Oh! I may have had an epiphany. I feel that the hair strands that are sticking out to your camera (pixel art or not) are highlighted so that's why the second character from the right is highlighted there. The hair that is top right is also sticking out towards you so it's highlighted. If the hair is depressed, there is less light than usual. Please tell me if it's true.

Here's the character he's based off of:

What about the third guy from the right?
Neck's still too long!

Moving off that though, she doesn't have a shadow. And what's with the lines on the floor? what are those there to represent?
Pixel Art / Re: First Pixel Art - Here's a Cheeky Cyberpunk Street Scene
« Last post by Kya Hon on Today at 08:29:16 pm »

Used your suggestion to redo the pose, thank you for staying with me this far! Any other critiques?
Pixel Art / Re: First Pixel Art - Here's a Cheeky Cyberpunk Street Scene
« Last post by Kya Hon on Today at 07:47:39 pm »
Yeah, thank you for the criticism, I'll adjust and upload it in a bit.
Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« Last post by 0xDB on Today at 07:47:11 pm »

you've really not fixed most of what I was trying to point out! Here, I've done an overlay gif so you can see what I mean:

Both parts of the arm should be roughly equal to one another. Wrist-to-elbow should be proportionally EQUAL to elbow-to-shoulder.
This also applies to legs.

And on top of that, legs AND arms should both be about the same length as each other!

your neck is also too long and your chosen pose doesn't really allow for the leftmost leg to exist as it does with the right leg bent as it is, so you'd have to either bend that leg too into a slight squat or do what I did here on the redline sketch and push it outwards some to compensate.

Try to work on those proportions!
Animation / Re: [CC] Luffy Arm Attack
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Today at 07:24:07 pm »
Aye, motion blur helps a ton with more extreme movements! It's easy to do if you have onionskins too. Essentially, what you want to use it for is to emulate a between-frame without actually drawing one. So, for example, this:

becomes THIS (with one less frame, even!)

Animation smears follow the same general concepts of normal animation, but they're VERY handy for quick movements and you can see them a lot. One punch man notably does a lot with them, if you need something excellent to study!
Pixel Art / Re: First Pixel Art - Here's a Cheeky Cyberpunk Street Scene
« Last post by Kya Hon on Today at 07:22:41 pm »

-lengthened right arm
-made left arm less bloated, moved hand further mid thigh
-added minimal eye whites
-added dark highlights in hair
-jeans dark highlights recolored, added highlights at knees
-extended left side leg, adjusted foot to slightly more natural position
-faded and recolored both shoes, feet more clearly defined
-de-grayed both arms a bit
-Very slightly changed color of bewbs and the shading beneath them
-removed/lightened a couple of pixels around her shoulders, rightward arm
sticks out more now
- her leftwards arm now has indication for elbow pit, separation between
forearm and upper arm
Pixel Art / Re: Knight Animation [C+C]
« Last post by Eyawiin on Today at 07:22:10 pm »
Okay I tried to make the knees bend:

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