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I apologize. Typo on my part.


Hello everyone at Pixelation. I've seen recommendations for seeking out sprite artists within this site.
We are right now hiring for that position. Unfortunately, this is our first project, so our budget is extremely limited.
As much as we'd like to offer a stable pay, we simply can't afford it. However, it won't be unpaid. Its just not immediate
pay. We will offer a cut on the profits dependent on the staff and platform we bring the game to. First thought that comes
to mind was Steam, so if you'd like to see your work be shown through this said game on steam and wouldn't mind
cut in on the potential profit, I'd appreciate you on the team.

Project Details

For extra details on our project. I'll advise you all to visit our facebook.

Feel free to email us at if you're interested in the position
and would like more details and examples of our assets to seek out potential of the project's

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