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Neck's still too long!

Moving off that though, she doesn't have a shadow. And what's with the lines on the floor? what are those there to represent?

you've really not fixed most of what I was trying to point out! Here, I've done an overlay gif so you can see what I mean:

Both parts of the arm should be roughly equal to one another. Wrist-to-elbow should be proportionally EQUAL to elbow-to-shoulder.
This also applies to legs.

And on top of that, legs AND arms should both be about the same length as each other!

your neck is also too long and your chosen pose doesn't really allow for the leftmost leg to exist as it does with the right leg bent as it is, so you'd have to either bend that leg too into a slight squat or do what I did here on the redline sketch and push it outwards some to compensate.

Try to work on those proportions!

Animation / Re: [CC] Luffy Arm Attack
« on: Today at 07:24:07 pm »
Aye, motion blur helps a ton with more extreme movements! It's easy to do if you have onionskins too. Essentially, what you want to use it for is to emulate a between-frame without actually drawing one. So, for example, this:

becomes THIS (with one less frame, even!)

Animation smears follow the same general concepts of normal animation, but they're VERY handy for quick movements and you can see them a lot. One punch man notably does a lot with them, if you need something excellent to study!

Pixel Art / Re: Knight Animation [C+C]
« on: Today at 07:14:49 pm »
it's looking better for sure, but remember that your knees need to bend for a crouch like that!

Pixel Art / Re: Knight Animation [C+C]
« on: Today at 06:02:51 pm »
your feet are sliding again! Try and study how you move when you try to do the same movements as your characters, I pulled the heel-lift on my edit from how I tend to shift my weight by either rolling my foot or doing that!

Animation / Re: [CC] Luffy Arm Attack
« on: Today at 05:19:39 pm »

Some various changes, originally I was going to keep it to frame timing changes (for example, I sped up the windup at parts and removed the pause at the ending) but I then went a bit further.

First, I added animation smearing to the recoil to simulate motion blur, which you can see pretty easily. The motion you had for the arm was pretty much on point, so I didn't faff about much further with it beyond adding a bit where the arm recoils backwards a bit, for more of a hefty effect to it. It's hard to see, but there's a frame where I added some of the arm color over the backpack.
Finally, I shifted his weight backwards onto one leg, then forwards again, before he finally catches his footing again from the punch!

Pixel Art / Re: Game characters / Pixel art style
« on: Today at 02:04:09 pm »
Hmm. I'd have to say the original is cleaner and more "pixelart" looking. The hard gradient doesn't have the charm something like, say, one of those squiggly cartoon shine effects might. Try not to use gradient tools if you can help it, I don't like to rule anything out in art but gradient tools as a whole tend to not look great. ESPECIALLY in pixelart.

These predictive text generators are hilarious, that was almost convincing! Reported.

Her arms and legs both have different lengths!
Her leftmost arm has too long a forearm compared to her upper arm, and her left leg is almost 2/3 the size of her bent right leg!

Try doing the pose you want in the mirror or find a comparable one on google to work from!

oh, no no! Try the terms for the concepts instead, like "highlight guide art" or "how to shading guide hair"

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